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Ok first off this builds off of Fallout New Vegas and assumes alot of things also this is really just a first draft idea and i would love people talking about ideas/quests that would fit in and finally i know this will never become cannon unless i get something insane happens but its fun to imagine. Ok so President Kimball would get killed by the legion but it doesn't matter at the second battle of Hoover dam. The next leader of the NCR is someone who dislikes the war of the NCR and stop at the Mojave. The NCR enters a era of peace and stabilizes and this leader is regarded as one of the best presidents the NCR ever had. For the next 100 years all subsequent presidents dare not go against this isolationist mentality. This would be my ideal game, you are a citizen of the NCR who lives on a border town and has experience fighting off raiders who strike quick and then run before any NCR soldiers come. The NCR military is under trained and armed due to the century of peace. This neglect causes dissent in border towns which seeps deeper into the NCR making its citizens want more defense and even expansion. During this century of peace other factions form around the border and some seek to threaten the NCR. The player character must choose one of these options:{ 1. The Player Lets the NCR fall to its own inefficiencies and let the factions swarm and devour the corpse protecting his town and other nearby peoples form a tribe 2. The Player joins one of the factions (which can be entirely new) and creates a empire or at least sets it down a path to empire using the ideology the faction believes in (perhaps the factions can all be different ideologies) 3. The Player sides with the NCR and leads the military to victory and defense of the NCR and then could make the NCR expansionist again or have it return to its old ways } now in a perfect world the game would be much of NCR's territory as well and parts of the surrounding states however i know that would likely be such a massive endeavor to take on it would never happen with the technology games use today so maybe the border towns and like part of an area like Washington. becuase it is after every other game so far you could hear stories of things that happened in other games like snippets of a "war wagged by robots" for fallout four, a "place with clean water for everyone" for fallout three and something for the other games which i havent fully played or dont think would fit in. A big problem is that you need to choose specific cannon endings for each of the game if you wanted to include stuff like that. Perhaps there could also be a faction from the east arrive like the enclave if they won or the brotherhood/institute(i dont think the railroad/minute men could win) and these factions could be a major force that provides pressure on the NCR/other factions when they can handle it the least

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