My Ideas for a Savage Divide boss and a Mire Boss.

Content of the article: "My Ideas for a Savage Divide boss and a Mire Boss."

The Savage Divide: Honey Beast Queen

Boss Level: 95

Boss HP: 25,000

Description: The Honey Beast Queen is the mother of all Honey Beasts in the savage divide. She is also the only one of the few that can fly. She lives in a expansive hive just south of Solomon’s Pond in the mountains, in a defunct mine. The Queen is very cautious of her safety and will rarely if ever leave the hive. A Honey Beast Queen becomes Queen after the original Queen dies. If their are other heirs and they aren’t the next Queen they become Royal Guardians, another type of Honey Beast able to fly.

Location: The mine the honey beasts built the kingdom upon is radioactive in nature. This caused overtime for honey beasts to develop an immunity to radiation. Their comb is too strong for conventional methods to be used, so something nuclear may be necessary to destroy it. The mountainous regions provide ample supplies for the honey beasts to thrive.



Honey Bees: Small swarm of bees that help provide small amounts of food for the hive, more of a nuances for players than a threat.

Honey Beast Scout: Normal Honey Beast that scouts for suitable locations to build a hive.

Hive Honey Beast: A Honey Beast but without the hive on it’s back that searches for food.

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Honey Beast Worker: A much stronger variant, with a stronger bite and better protection with small hardened areas that protect it from debris. Lives in the hive. Helps build and repair the hive.

Honey Beast Sentinel: A Honey Beast that is much better protected and even stronger bite. Protects the hive and it’s inhabitants.

Honey Beast Stinger: A Honey Beast similar to the sentinel, but able to fly and sting it’s enemies and will instead attack instead of defend.

Honey Beast Royal Guardian: A honey beast that defends the Queen with it’s life. Former heirs to the thrown that become Guardians after a Queen is chosen. Will become a Queen once another suitable location is found for a hive.

Honey Beast Queen: The largest of all Honey Beasts. Can fly, disorient, bite, shoot larvae, and sting. Radioactive pollen is quite common in the hive. She can summon her royal guard to protect her.

Extras: The mine will be accessible after the Queen is defeated. Inside you will find rare ores, royal honey, royal comb, larvae, and ultracite. It won’t be easy pickings though as Sentinels, Workers, and normal Honey Beasts will be amuck.

The Mire: Strangler Heart Prime

Boss Level: 95

Boss HP: 37,500

Description: Considered to be one of the largest strangler hearts in the area. Has vines that stretch for thousand of feet.

Location: Near tanagra town, where the heart has settled it’s roots down. The area has become infested with strangler creatures but it’s location cannot be pin pointed. Maybe something big and loud can awaken it.

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Strangler Enemies: Ghouls, mirelurks and other creatures who are infected will come to it’s aid.

Strangler Heart Prime: For a majority of the time it will spew poison and shoot seeds. Once 5,000 damage has been done it will go into a protective state, where it will release a gas that will attract and infect nearby wildlife. It will also launch little pods of explosive seeds that can do a lot of damage. Once all the wildlife has been slain, it will open up and a second heart will appear to aid it in battle. This has the consequence of players being able to do more damage. This will continue till the boss is dead.

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