my lazy build, do everything with minimal effort and never repair again!

will say right now that im over level 300 and so have access to all the legendary perks, and probably wont go into detail of what to do without them, though i am confident that none of them are required and more just nice cherries on top.

want to just play and not worry about anything ever? behold!

S 15

P 1

E 15

C 2 (running legendary charisma to bump this up to 7)

I 11

A 1

L 11

Strength perks:

barbarian 3, iron fist 3, blocker 3, incisor 3, martial artist 3

Perception perks:

green thumb 1

Endurance perks:

life giver 4, ghoulish 3, adamantium skeleton 3, fireproof 3, rejuvenated 2

Charisma perks:

lone wanderer 4, field surgeon 2, tenderizer 1

Intelligence perks:

first aid 3, nerd rage 3, makeshift warrior 5

Agility perks:

adrenaline 1

Luck perks:

bloody mess 3, ricochet 3, class freak 3, starched genes 2

Legendary perks:

legendary strength, legendary charisma, legendary endurance, survival shortcut, what rads, master infilitrator


most of them


. . .any unarmed weapon.

thats it. . .

so, explanation time.

my gear, i use a vampiric, swing speed, electrified gauntlet, shielded secret service under armor, and a chemist backpack, the backpack keeps all my aid items weight down, the secret service armor provides the largest str and end bump, and the gauntlet has the two perks i wanted.

survivability: this is not a bloody build

why endurance so high? why legendary endurance on top of that? why endurance from under armor? well you see raw HP cannot be bypassed, and stimpacks heal is % based, not a static value, so if we have 10 hp, a stimpack only heals 2 hp or whatever, but if we have 1000 hp, it heals 200 hp! so high hp, combined with field surgeon and first aid means if we do have to stim we tend to brute force heal through any damage we might be taking.

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vampiric weapon, in the same vein its nice to just heal when you do damage, and with the ricochet perk when a bullet is reflected you both ignore the damage and trigger the legendary effects of your weapons, that means we heal when it goes off, meaning those super mutants firing mini guns tend to proc your healing all the time.

ghoulish makes ghouls negate there own rad damage and heal you, they smack you and it actually heals you quite a bit, then we have the staples of blocker, barbarian for a bit more naked resistances, and nerd rage to more so act as a reminder to stim and last bit of defense bump.


strength 15 and legendary strength on top? yes because even though it does not give us more points to spend it increases our melee damage and carry weight. we also pick up alot of low hanging damage fruit in adrenaline 1, as well as unarmed has two mutations that increase its damage rather then one.

sure bloody builds can 1 shot super mutants, but i can two tap them, and do it much more comfortably by just walking up to them through there damage, high fiving them, and moving on, i still see level 500+ bloody builds die on occasion because if anything breathes on them they die. i have not died in ages.

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so why unarmed? well i go melee because i hate the "bunny hop backwards" gameplay that comes from using any other type of weapon besides melee, even shotguns jump away if monsters run up on them. thats not me, i run toward my enemies and they run in fear from me, i am the deathclaw! why unarmed over 2H or 1H? i prefer it, it gets an additional damage mutation and i like to play a monk, you can easily swap iron fists out for 2H mods and that would let you use power armor, i simply chose not too as its not my style, i dont like power armor because its cores i have to keep track of and armor i have to repair.

why no armor? i dont like repairing stuff 24/7 this is a lazy build, and plays fine without it, plus if i need to deal with radiation i can swap to a hazmat suit or stealth armor without a significant loss in build viability, i really dislike that unyielding bloody builds are crippled by radiation, cannot get breathed on, have to repair all there gear 24/7, etc, you spend half the game time dealing with yourself and lose resources if you so much as step 5 feet.

you know how much i have repaired in almost a year? nothing! i crafted my gauntlet at 40+ int and its durability has been pegged forever, has not moved a sliver in months of combat, i even got lucky and got two identical gauntlets and used to keep the second on me in case the first broke, after about a week of no change on the durability i stashed the second and have not seen a change in months.

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well thats it, i wear a suit, a backpack, and whatever cosmetics i want, i use one gauntlet i dont have to repair, i dont have to worry about resources, repairing, food, water, ammo, etc, only large sources of radiation like a nuke zone require a temp haz suit. i easily dispatch of all enemies and do it at my leisure, incredibly tanky and casual playstyle, and more then enough damage to deal with anything.

oh also my carry capacity is well over 300 and my standing weight is around ~30, and thats with hundreds of stimpacks i end up selling because they just pile up.

if you just want to be casual and play without worry, this is the build, if you want to spend hours roaming the wastes and not come back to your camp with a bill, this is the build.

enjoy the roaming!

remember, YOU are the Deathclaw!


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