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So, after playing through the main story via Brotherhood, i decided to start a new character who had no relation to Shaun, Nora, no one but still on the same save. I have a nuclear winter mod on and this is where my character begins:

Harry woke up. He rubbed his eyes, trying to get the dust out of them. He listened to the sounds of the snow outside before getting out of bed and greeting his dog, Max. Max jumped up with enthusiasm, chomping down of his food. Harry put on his thermal undersuit, his thick fluffy jacket, gloves, woolly hat, scarf and extra thick socks. He heaved open the old gas station door and looked outside the slitted window. A blizzard had blocked most of his view but he could make out figures in the distance. He slammed his bedroom door shut and ran to his power armour. With its white paint, it would be mostly camouflaged in the blizzard. He would have to sneak up behind those raiders and kill them. The raiders passed by the gas station and looked into it. They spotted the old lights shining and moved in. Harry moved out of the snow he had hidden in and creeped up behind them. They snapped around and started at the luminous, red glowing eyes staring right back. They immediately fired upon him, but were stopped by a quick snap of the neck. The remaining raiders fled, but not without destroying his generator on the way out. Harry sighed, knowing this would mean a trip to Diamond City, which was nearly 5 miles away. He wouldn't be able to make it in the blizzard, but he wouldn't survive a night without his heater. Max clawed at the door, grabbing Harrys attention. He opened the door, only for Max to retreat back to his bed in the corner, trying to gather warmth from the heater. Harry laughed, wondering if maybe he should just try and brave it out. He decided to go in the morning, and that he would sleep in his thermal clothes, whilst Max could have his blankets to keep him warm. The blizzard grew stronger and Harry set up his fusion core to charge before retreating to his room to continue his tasks. He collapsed into bed and grabbed his notepad. It contained a half complete map of the Commonwealth. He began to sketch Diamond City, beginning with a huge diamond shape. Before he knew it, 13 hours had gone by. It was around 10pm, which meant it was safe to sleep. Raiders had a strict curfew which was made by their unknown leader. Harry curled up into a ball to conserve heat, when Max suddenly jumped up and wiggled into his embrace. Harry covered himself and his dog with blanket upon blanket and they slept peacefully. Well, Max did. Harry was kept awake by Max snoring most of the night.

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6 am rolled around, and that Harry would have to get up now to make it to Diamond City. He rose from his bed, awakening Max, who replied with a growl. He pet him and left the room. The blizzard was over, but snow piled up everywhere. Harry set off, making his way to Diamond City…

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