My more successful, but still failed attempt at a no death run without weapons, armor, chems or companions truly unarmed Kenshiro build. (Story time)

Content of the article: "My more successful, but still failed attempt at a no death run without weapons, armor, chems or companions truly unarmed Kenshiro build. (Story time)"

This is my second attempt at this run and it's a follow up to this thread.

So after my last attempt, i started all over from vault 111. Even remade the character. I made it to level 32 and the mass fusion quest before i died. Read further to know what all lead up to it and what caused it. My special stats were a little different, they were 10 STR 1 PER 10 END 1 CHR 1 INT 1 AGI 5 LUC. The idea was to use idiot savant to get more level ups.

So to begin, i spent my early playthrough grinding as much as possible, scrapping every tree and piece of furniture for wooden fence posts to grind xp. I rescued nick without too much issue, wearing down the number of triggermen through attrition like in my last run.The synths at Fort Hagen definitely gave me some trouble as i had no energy resistance outside of the perk "rooted" at the time and had to attrition them. But i ultimately killed Kellogg by staggering him to death (though he did occasionally block).

Fast forward to when i was given the Glowing Sea quest, i knew there was no way i was strong enough to take on the deathclaws or really any of the creatures there, especially in that everlasting radiation storm. So like brave sir robin, i ran, ran, and ran away until i got to the crater of atom. After receiving the quest marker, knowing about the deathclaw outside of Virgil's cave, i climbed over a mountain to avoid encountering it. And i made it inside the cave. I was enjoying how much better i was doing compared to my last run. But all good things come to an end, (epic forshadowing).

Begin Chapter 3: I have recieved the quest to kill the courser and made my way to the gunner base i can't remember the name of. Going in, my main fear was the guy with the missile launcher. Having tier 2 lone wanderer just wasn't cutting the mustard for energy resistance. But i powered on through, almost got killed by one of the missiles that rocket man shot, and funnily enough, he shot me from a different floor, i only got hit by the stray blast. Not a direct hit. When i made it to the elevator that goes to the boss room, it was guarded by a bunch of laser wielding gunners and i took damage too fast to fight them for long. I attempted to lure them out to pick them off one at a time. But as i tried over and over, they just stayed there and didn't leave. That's when i realized the AI is smarter than i thought. So i was like "fuck it" and just rushed in and wore them down one by one. Speeding through many healing items in the process. When i finally made it to the courser, i just staggered him to death, it was barely a fight. Those gunners guarding the elevator were way more challenging. After i killed him, i freed the synth woman and moved on.

Chapter 4, Revenge: Wanting to level up so i would stand a better chance in future quests and get back at those shitty ghouls. I went to croup manor and wiped out the ghouls, naturally, because my character was more powerful than in my last playthough, it was easier to do (i was level 25). Only had to use a couple of healing items against the Putrid Glowing One, where in my last attempt i had to use a bunch. So after i killed the gangrenous feral ghoul that killed me last time, i cleared out all the wood i could find in the workshop and totaled 1066 wood.

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Chapter 5, Concord and Bunker hill: I was needing some quick XP in prep for bunker hill so i thought i would clear out concord. But i wasn't 100% sure if i was strong enough to kill the deathclaw yet. But that didn't matter because i lucked out and the brotherhood of steel showed up and killed it for me. Getting to bunker hill, i had some trouble finding the entrance, but once i did i ran past the enemies and got to the synths. And funnily enough, when i was killing the courser partner the institute gave me to save the synths. He didn't fight back no matter how many times i hit him and he just died. Guess i lucked out again. (For disclosure, i was siding with the Railroad this playthrough) After i lied to Shaun about what happened at bunker hill, it was time to retrieve the nuclear reactor part thingy from mass fusion.

Chapter 6, prep for mass fusion: I knew Mass fusion was going to be a bitch of a quest where i would likely die. So i did what all prep work i thought i needed to do. Placed a bunch of wire fences and fence post to convert all of what wood and steel i could scrounge up to xp and level a few times (I didn't learn about the wire fence cheese until later in my playthrough). Went to poseidon energy for the endurance bobblehead, the boss Cutty was the most annoying fight in the whole playthrough besides the one that killed me. Being in power armor, i couldn't cripple his limbs. And when i disarmed him, i learned the hard way how badly power armor wearers can spam punches. It was a nightmare, i used almost all of my healing items taking him down. After i killed him and got the endurance bobblehead. I got tier 3 refractor and headed to diamond city to buy 30 stimpaks for prep.

Finale, the bitter end: I went to mass fusion knowing about the strength bobblehead, hoping it would help my crappy damage output. The beginning wasn't that bad really, just the parts where i got in fist fights with brotherhood knights in power armor after i disarmed them (getting spam staggered like with Cutty). The part where i got the nuclear reactor part is where things went south, i didn't think i would get so many rads while using rad-x, but i did. Ended up using all of my remaining radaway and clashed with a protectron and a legendary sentry bot. I kept getting staggered and was barely doing any damage to the them, but after burning through a bunch of healing items, i eventually killed them. But then 2 assaultrons show up and stagger me in unison so badly, i literally can't fight back and have t run away the instant it wears off and come back just to get a single hit in. Of course it wasn't anywhere near enough and the energy blasts drained my health and i ran out of healing items. And i died. There was nothing i could do. Assaultrons are op against melee builds due to their stagger capabilities, especially mine. RIP Kenshiro, he lived to be level 32. Feelsbadman.

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