My Open Season: or why Mason is the most chill person in Nuka World (Spoilers for Nuka World)

I don't like raiders, and neither does my character on my current playthrough. He's level 40 or so, and specced into automatic weapons. Note: I'm playing on Very Hard

After completing the gantlet, and having a brief chat with Nuka World's favourite cyclops, I went to have a chat with Mason, for the sole purpose of getting The Problem Solver. After gaining that, the first attempt at Mason's life was attempted, and very quickly shot down by fifteen members of the Pack.

More planning was required, so I tracked down some nuka mines, and a fat man. Two nuka mines laid at Mason's feet, and a fat man aimed squarely at his face barely cut into his health bar. The odd thing is that he wasn't even aggroed, even after two mini-nukes. That man has the patience of a saint.

A change of plan, after a brief trip to Quincy, Good Intentions was obtained. A new plan of attack for Nuka World was forming, but I knew this time, it had to be done right. I went back to Nuka World wearing military fatigues, and a trilby, both modded to hell with ballistic weave mark V. On top of the fatigues, various legendary pieces of armour, including a very vital auto-stim piece.

Part I: The Pack turn on their leader.

Everything was in place. A critical hit was loaded into Good Intentions, and was fired at Mason. Because of the gun's legendary effect, Mason immediately frenzied, and all his followers, including his loyal dogs, turned on him, but ignored me. It was only after I finished off Mason the Pack turned on me as well. This was planned for, and I ran into the dead-end corridor away from the main amphitheatre. The Overseer's Guardian took care of the few members of the Pack relaxing away from main commotion. A few mines were laid, and me and Piper picked off the rest of the animalistic fools one-by-one. After looting every corpse, the backstage area was quickly cleared out also. All was going according to keikaku.

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Part II: Shank and the Marketplace

After leaving the Bradburton Amphitheatre, I immediately scarpered back through the main gate, and up the partially collapsed escalator. From this crow's nest, I picked off the advancing rag-tag army of various raiders, and an angry Shank. The biggest problem is the ridiculously large health bars of named characters, like Shank. Fortunately, he took his sweet time advancing on my position, allowing me to whittle down his health bar to dust. Into the market place I burst, and picked off the few raiders stationed there. A few stray bullets did have the unfortunate effect of angering a few of the Bramaluffs, which was not something I planned for, but the meat did cook up nicely. After the gunfire settled down, I purchased some ammo, and went to my next objective.

Part III: Operation Operator

One wonderful thing about the architecture of Nuka World is the small archways the raiders all have to go through. Once the news had spread that the Overboss had gone rogue, everyone wanted my head. Fortunately for me, I could keep my sights aimed at the small archways, and build a steady pile of bodies. Once the guards had been dealt with, I entered the parlour, and quickly took down those loitering in the lobby. I quickly realised I was going to be overwhelmed by Mags, William, and Lizzie, so I retreated out, then back in again. I exhausted my supply of grenades on them, but had to retreat again. I quickly realised that their health bars reset after I left, and I wasn't getting those grenades back.

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There was only one thing for it, buffjet and a close encounter of the automatic shotgun variety. I could win one on one fights with each of the remaining Operator bosses this way, after giving them the run around the Parlor. Piper cleaned up the corpses, and quickly built up a collection of fancy suits and 7.62 ammo.

Part IV: Death to the Disciples

Entering Fizztop Mountain, I found the leading disciples in conference by the entrance, wondering if they should give the new Overboss a chance. They took a look at me, and decided 'no'. Realising a buffjet-fueled attack against Nisha, Savoy, and Dixie together was suicide, so I ran all the way up structure at the heart of the mountain, picking off the clueless nameless Disciples along the way. Dixie was the first to catch up to me at the top, but she was no match for a mixture of buffjet, and painful end of my auto-shotgun. Nisha arrived in time to see her compatriot-in-cruelty fall, but I know Savoy wouldn't be far behind her, so I ran down back down the mountain. To kill time waiting for Savoy to show up, I cleared out the other side of the ground floor. The Overseer's Guardian was vital, but when Savoy appeared, it was time to use my final helping of buffjet, and apply shotgun to the face. Only Nisha left, and she died is a medium range gunfight, her health slowly cut down by my favourite two-shot combat rifle. A thorough piece of grave robbing later, and that was it. Nuka World was free.

It was close at times, but that afore-mentioned auto-stim armour proved vital. It took me a while, and a few attempts, but I finally succeeded. Those Operators fancy suits will look lovely on some settlers, and I can used all the Pack's mask to create a Wicker Man-esque animal cult in another.

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TLDR: Unnamed raiders: Overseer's Guardian, Named bosses: Buffjet and auto-combat shotgun.

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