My opinion of fallout 3,nv and 4

Content of the article: "My opinion of fallout 3,nv and 4"

Hey all, so i just finished playing all modern fallouts, plus watched fallout 1 and 2 full gameplay with all choices shown (i always fell asleep watching 2, but i got a solid idea of what it was)

Anyways, I must first confess, my fov of all the Fallout games is Fallout 4, because the gameplay loop is just amazing, the shooting, exploration, the map, it all just feels good, plus the mod pushes it into legendary status (like skyrim). I will also admit, i don't like the wild west theme, i hate it, yet i decided to push through NV, and enjoyed it.

moving on:

Fallout 3 felt a lot like oblivion, it was fun, enjoyable, but nothing compared to Fallout 1 imo. That is, Fallout 3 is trying to simulate fallout 1 wasteland with an anarchic environment and no strong factions to enforce rules. it wasn't bad, it was alright. just, not as series, not as gritty, but that's a problem with all the modern fallout games. 7/10

fallout NV: i will profess, i never wanted it to play it, but everyone online praises it as the golden apple of eden. Now, me disliking the wild west theme coupled with the janky combat u would think i would hate it, but no… i loved the story and writing, but everything else imo falls short. the map is HUGE and empty, running between objectives is just boring, i had to use sgtm command to speed it up. I loved the factions of vegas quests, they were really fun and immersive. helping out the ghouls in come fly with me was enjoyable, if you don't count the running. I personally am not a fan of fixed speech checks, I think it turns from something that is supposed to be dynamic in nature and risky to feel like another skill… I'm aware it was made to stop the quick save quick load abuse, but I aint convinced, speech needs to be fluid and risky not a fixed number. so yeah, it was fun, writing and story really good, everything else was meh… BROWN/10 (seriesly tho its a 7/10)

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fallout 4 was fun all around experience for me, the gameplay is superb, enjoyed the story and quests (i'm not a big RP guy, and usually stick with the narrative favored or pointed towards by devs)

The world and map is beautiful to explore and discover any of the hidden stories. i enjoyed the companions (NICk and DANSE), i do hate that the ending is not as fleshed out, but i appreciate letting me continue after the end "slides'' (if you can call them that lol) (9/10) it's the highest because the most important part for me (the gameplay and exploration) is best.

finally when it comes to fo1 and 2, i though 1 was better felt more fallouty than the secound, even though 2 has a better main story, i juist felt like the world of FO1 was more series dark and immersive, all the oranized crime, drugs and sex in 2 makes it, i dont know, not to my liking. At the end of day it's just an opinion of a casual person 🙂

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