Naked Nuke Zone Exploration

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Not quite naked, but any ideas how we can explore Nuke Zones without Power Armor, A HazMat suit, or Chinese Stealth Armor? I am trying to figure out a way to keep my normal armor on and not be fried instantly. Also, I don't want to suppress my mutations.

Gamers… what is the highest Rad Resistance (RR) you can get without PA, HMS, or CSA?

Secret Service Armor: (assuming best level upgrade)

> Torso: 85 + 10 RR (Buttressed + Lead Lined)

> Limbs: 212 RR (2 arms and 2 legs, Buttressed)

Add an additional 125 Rad Resistance, assuming they each have the +25 RR Legendary Effect.

Shielded Marine Wetsuit Underarmor also gives +9 Rad Resistance.

So, we are at 441 RR, but we need more if we're going to survive in a Nuke Zone.

Radshield gives you +300 RR, and does not suppress Mutations, so we're going to take some of that for 15 minutes, making our RR 741. Decent, but we should go a bit higher to be safe.

Eat a Bloatly Loaf and you'll have +30 RR for a short time, and now your RR is 771.

But wait… there's more! I have not even touched the Rad Resistant perk from the Endurance list! If you spend 5 Endurance to get the full rank of the perk, you can get a whopping +50 RR! Sure, if you want to minmax your RR, go for it, but this is unnecessary, as we have our ace in the hole to bring us over 1'000 RR without it, letting us safely explore the Nuke Zone "naked".

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Drink up a Lead Champagne from the Wild Appalachia update, and you'll find you have +250 RR! That's right, without wasting our time in Endurance perks, we can get a final Radiation Resistance of 1'021. You can explore the nuke zone to your heart's content without worrying about crippling yourself by losing access to your best armor. In fact, wear your favorite underarmor and get a better torso mod, because you can still have 1'002 RR without it.

tl;dr grind for top level Secret Service armor, take Radshield, Bloatfly Loaf, and Lead Champagne. You'll be just as resistant to Radiation.

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