NCR,Legion,Mr House or Yes Man (who to pick!)

Content of the article: "NCR,Legion,Mr House or Yes Man (who to pick!)"

Before i start I want to make sure everyone knows that this is my opinion!

I will be factoring in many different variables

1) How will New Vegas change? 2) How will the surrounding towns change?(Goodsprings,Novac,etc) 3. What is easiest? 4. What is best for the lives of the people in the Mojave

Now when I was thinking about this I thought it would easily be the NCR but after more thought I realized it may not be as easy as a question as I first thought. Firstly gets the obvious one out first…

Caesar’s Legion ————————— Obviously this is the worst faction to side with. New Vegas will turn into anarchy with people being crucified and casinos being shut down. Surrounding towns will be raided just like Nipton. Also everyone will hate you other than the Legion. You will have to fight Securtions and the NCR. Most people will suffer.

Yes Man ————- It was actually a harder choice than I though to put Yes Man under Mr House but it came down to one thing. New Vegas. Yes man is very smart but will not be able to keep New Vegas thriving like Mr House would. But Yes Man is probably the easiest person to side with and the best one if your looking to speed run. You can ignore different factions instead of having to side or kill them and that can make it very fast. Yes Man will however make the surrounding areas of New Vegas… ok? I mean their not in anarchy but Mr House could take care of them better than Yes Man could.

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Mr House Vs NCR —————————— The big reveal. Who would I tell people to side with if they asked me. Let’s break it down New Vegas: I’m going to give this one to Mr House. He obviously has been planning for 200 years on how to make New Vegas the best place in the mojave. The NCR is not as smart or as organized as Mr House.

Mr House 1-0 NCR

Surrounding areas: I’m going to give this one to the NCR. Granted they have their flaws but the NCR does care about the citizens of the Mojave and would want them to live somewhat happy. Mr House would be trying to get them on the strip.

Mr House 1-1 NCR

Difficulty: This one easily goes to Mr House. By siding with Mr House you get the help of the NCR and the securitions. And that’s not even including the Boomers or the Enclave or anyone like that. Much much easier.

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Mr House 2-1 NCR

Mojave citizens lives. NCR takes it. Like I said they care more about people outside of New Vegas more.

Mr House 2-2 NCR.

Now we have a tie meaning it will come down to… How fun they are to side with. Games are supposed to be fun and it goes to Mr House. Maybe it’s just me but seeing two robots blow people up or 50 securutions appearing behind the NCR general is just so fun to me.

Mr House 3-2 NCR

Mr house wins 🎉🥳🥳🎉🍾🎊

Now you could totally disagree and that’s ok! Please tell me what you disagree in the comments. Or tell me if you think one leader would do something different! It’s not about arguing about who’s the best to side with it’s about discussing it. Sharing opinions! And most of the time you won’t change someone’s opinion. But let them talk. Listen to their points. And remember that we’re all just here to talk about one of the best game series of all time!

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