Nearly Two Years – A Tale of The Broadsider and the Crystallizing Barrel

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I dabbled in a lot of Fallout 4, my final playthrough I created an explosives only survival character that I would delete upon death. His name was John McClane. To my surprise, and probably a testament to my unending patience, John never died. At the pinnacle of his godhood, trudging around Far Harbor, John rained explosive death upon the cultists of Atom with his trusty and glorious shipside cannon The Broadsider which he obtained from some marvelous pirates. When thoroughly satisfied with this cannonneering, he would swap to his masterfully picklocked cryolator which just happened to be an explosive weapon if modded correctly. John's happiness knew no bounds.

Then a new game arrived years later, and with glee I noticed that John's favorite weapons would return! I quickly tracked these armaments of yesteryear happiness to revisit the nostalgia of old! What's this though!? My weapons, their glory…it has vaporized. Vanished without a trace. No longer do I lob explosive balls of fury at my foes but wield puny pellets that Radopossums hardly blink at?! How the mighty have fallen I think to myself! Alas I leave the game, thinking it another bug of early growing pains for the new game.

Then the story continues! For I return with the release of a new expansion over a year post! To my DISMAY! Oh TRAGEDY! My weapons are still feeble and puny, what horror is this!? I take to Reddit this time, surely there must be an answer?! It's been so many months…Oh yes…people have discovered the fate of my weapons, told their tale, but apparently it has fallen of deaf ears!! What…how can this be? My heart sank, for I knew if it had not been addressed over such a long…long time….their fates were sealed.

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Alas!! I shall tell the tale once more for all to hear! Return these weapons to their former glory Bethesda! I beseech you!


The Broadsider and the Cryolator's Crystallzing Barrell don't register when they make direct hits on enemy targets and so never do damage unless you hit with splash damage, essentially making these weapons useless, and not at all how they were intended to be used. In Fallout 4, they worked.

Reference to Weapon ID and Bug Reported on Reddit over a year ago:

Source: reddit.com

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