Need Advice on This from Experienced legendary loot farmers who know about “loot locking”

Content of the article: "Need Advice on This from Experienced legendary loot farmers who know about “loot locking”"

Okay so guys, i wanted to farm myself a 2 shot Gauss Rifle, and i decided to farm it at West Roxbury station.

I made a hard save before the entrance of the station and then entered the area, and made a quicksave just after the autosave was complete so that i could begin lootlocking. If i didnt get the weapon i want, i would reload the hardsave.

So during my time there trying to loot lock the gauss rifle, i found a legendary 0.44 revolver, so i thought i would just check out, if i could manage to snag a two shot 0.44 revolver, so i reloaded the quicksave so that i could cycle through its legendary prefixes and sure enough within 10 minutes of reloading the quicksave i got my hands on a Two shot 0.44 revolver.

And now this is where the problem comes in Soon after i got the Two shot revolver, after researching through many legendaries farming guides, i understood that Legendary prefixes, doesnt drop randomly, but instead, there is some sort of "pool" and if u got a Two shot prefix, you wont be able to get another one until you reset the pool by farming random legendary prefixes.

So that gave me an idea, if i did get a Two shot revolver, it meant that the legendary prefix "Two Shot" was available in the pool of my HARDSAVE. This info is correct right? So i reloaded my Hardsave and after around 40 mins of farming i managed to loot lock a legendary Gauss rifle, but even after 3 hours of reloading the quicksave to change the legendary prefix of the gauss Rifle over and over again, ive gotten almost every prefix including the instigating prefix, ghoul slayer mutant slayer etc etc EXCEPT THE TWO SHOT LEGENDARY PREFIX.

Do i keep farming here? Is the two shot legendary prefix still available in my loot pool? Or did i lose the prefix when i got the two shot 0.44 revolver? Its weird cause it should still be available to me right? Cause i reloaded my hard save before i got the 2 Shot revolver. So the 2shot prefix should still be in my loot pool right? So i ask you guys, am i unlucky? Will i eventually get it if i keep trying?

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Please help me out Thank you

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