Need to reinstall a Bethesda game, which?! (Seeking inspiration!)

Arbitrary question… But help me brainstorm because I need a "new" game, and replaying a TES or FO might be the best "new" game out there currently. Unless someone has played an open world and/or RPG that they're comfortable recommending within the past ~24 months? I did play RDR2.

  • FO3 – Haven't played in a LONG time. Really enjoyed my play through though. Perhaps a bit outdated? The whole Megaton experience would probably bore me at this point. Can't remember much beyond things like Megaton and Super Duper Mart though… and the trenches in front of Capitol with Super Mutants.
  • FONV – Everyone talks highly of this one. It didn't capture me the same way FO3 did, I don't know why. Perhaps with some mods this would be worth another crack. I recently heard it was developed by the guys that made FO1 and FO2 (never played either of those – could consider 1 of these if they stand the test of time), so maybe that's why.
  • FO4 – Maybe this might be the best option of all. It's the most recent, and likely has some good mod potential. I've done 1 nearly full and a couple mini/short playthroughs of this one. I end up being a packrat whore and VATS/sneaking everything. Just because that's the style I like.
  • Oblivion – played it a ton. Would love a good excuse to try it again, but damn I just don't know…Every cave and dungeon I enter will probably be familiar.
  • Skyrim – Done a few playthroughs (really just half playthroughs, I quit pretty early on). Always fun, but outside of 1 time doing Mage + Mage Guild stuff, I usually default to my favorite, sneak character.
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That's all I got… I'm more confused than when I started writing. I played FO76 early on. Beat it to death in a 24/7 2-week long frenzy, then realized all it's flaws and quit. Won't return. Don't have any friends that play it, for coop. I played TESO when it first came out. Seemed cool but I don't love MMOs. But perhaps there's a reason to revisit.

Thanks for any insight or inspiration.

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