Never trust a player in a mr. Fuzzy costume

Content of the article: "Never trust a player in a mr. Fuzzy costume"

So yesterday I was playing my low level 18 character when I was running around I came across a player's camp. The high level (160+) player was there and was chatty and seemed super friendly. He told me he had been at the SBQ event and got good stuff and come and check it out. I am often home when people are in my camp so I don't automatically think it is suspicious.

Me being naive, since most people have been very nice and helpful and since most trap camps I've encountered have been fun ones that send me into a cool under ground world, I didn't stop and think.

I was close to overencumbered and thought I would use his benches and hope he had a fallout1st scrap bin. As I walked in through his front door (smoke machine pointed at it) I ended up on a ton of pungi boards I couldn't see and died instantly.

This soured me for a long time (obviously because here I am the next day posting about it). I had just stopped by that guys place after completing the lumber mill and just received that amazing bulk ammo pack from that guy in that house down the road from there as a thanks. Upon my death he instantly took my junk and mocked me. Thanked me for that 450 cap worth of bulk ammo supplies as well as all the other junk and hoped on his mr. Fuzzy ride laughing.

I do know the players name but I'm not sure if I should be posting it or not. It was on PC and if that had been my first character and I was new to the game…it might have actually put me off the game entirely. I am not used to playing online games and feel this was a shitty thing to do to any player…especially a low level player that needs this stuff more then this douche bag does.

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I immediately ported home. Logged off to the main menu and it took me a while before I could even bring myself to log into another world. It's amazing how strongly impactful 1 asshole player can have on a game. Even with most players being so supportive and helpful, that one can ruin what was and could be an enjoyable experience. And frankly, I have been trying with my main character to get the mr. Fuzzy outfit and mask and now I feel like he has tainted that costume for me entirely.

I just wanted to warn others. And if you feel the name of this individual should be posted, I will gladly come back on and edit the end with the players name.

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