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This may come across as an odd, vague question…but the community seems very welcoming so I'm hoping for a response!

I'm 35yr old and have been into games forever. Have a huge collection of games and consoles, yet only recently have I tried Fallout. Now I'm completely obsessed with everything about the series. I'm about 1800hrs in to my first playthrough of 4 (mostly settlement/empire building), but wanted to try 76. Only twice in my life have I tried playing an online multiplayer game. Once was COD and the other Wolfenstein. Both experiences were uterly miserable. People tormenting one another, saying ignorant remarks, cherry picking spawn points, and yelling at you for messing with a plan you had no clue was taking place. Needless to say, haven't played online again since (over 15yrs ago).

I played 76 last night for 3 hours on PS4 and despite the criticism…I really liked it! Now my questions about online etiquette. I don't have a mic yet, but is it normal to chat with people while you play, or does that make you the annoying guy? If I just want to roam around collecting scrap with people (for mutual security), how do you find like minded people? When you collect scrap with someone, do you both have access to loot, or if one takes it the other gets nothing? And if I just want to hang around and see what someone is building, are they going to assume I'm there to trash the place? Are there many scammers out there looking to destroy your build? Any advice is appreciated as I'm new to 76 and to online multiplayer. Thanks in advance!

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