New player, just bought the game during the Steam Winter sale, mini rant

Content of the article: "New player, just bought the game during the Steam Winter sale, mini rant"

So I was kinda ehh about FO76 for years. As someone who plays all Fallout games by tradition I gave this a pass when it came out, well, because I read it was a contentless wasteland with only fetch quests and griefing.

So last month during the steam sales I picked it up because it finally dropped to 18 bucks. Today I just hit level 50 and the game this past 2 weeks have been enjoyable, although some things still kinda irk me.

First off, super mutants, radscorpions and ASSAULTRONS are just extreme pains in the butt to deal with. I build a rifle build and try my best to optimize my perks for damage, yet it still takes me entire clips worth of headshots to even take down a single non-boss super mutant. Meanwhile they shoot for high amounts of damage. I see level 300s just walking in and one-shotting everything, it makes me feel so weak lol. Here I am struggling with even dealing enough damage. Radscorpions just appear out of nowhere and near one-shot me. Most of the time I have to run to a platform or box and jump up and cheese the fight. And Assaultrons, WTF are those, they one shot me with the laser eye, and I try to cripple their leg and I have to pump a whole ton of ammo just to drop them. Difficulty in this game seem to be very binary, the enemies are either chill-easy or its a bullet sponge that one shots you.

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Weight is an issue for me and Im constantly going over the limit even though I carry conservatively. The tadpole quests seem really annoying to do and the game doesnt explain well how to get the badges. I get that you can google it but Ive been doing story so far and probably should try and get that backpack mod. The lowest I can go leaving only essential items is usually 180/205.

Food and water is kinda 'why is this even a thing' for me. It bugged me at the start, and now Im not starving or thirsty but I still kinda don't see much point to it, other than taking up inventory.

Overall I think its still a decent game, and Im having fun so far, I like the immersion, building and quests. Though I think the scrapbox should have not been a paywalled sub thing. Building is an important factor of this game and locking scrap storage boost behind a monthly sub reeks. I haven't done daily ops yet as I see people with level 100+ doing them, so Im not sure when I should attempt those, do they have scaling?

Well, rant over. Time to go back and quest again.

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