New Vegas 2 is a bad idea

Content of the article: "New Vegas 2 is a bad idea"

First off, I wanna say the title is literal and I mean a sequel and/or prequel specifically set in the Mojave Wasteland. Second, I'm a sucker for NV, but I'm putting my bias aside for the realism of it all. Also Spoilers for Fallout 1, 2, NV Oh, and this is my opinion so Downnvote if you feel like it's shit, comment why you think I'm wrong, and whatever else you wanna say. Or upvote if you want it to be heard, idc

Fallout NV2 is the worst idea. In fact, any Fallout game (at least with multiple choices) taking place in the same map as a previous game is terrible. First off, it kills that illusion of choice. We don't know much what happened in the end of NV, nothing says what endings were 100% cannon, so we feel like maybe our ending was the proper one. In Fallout 2, the NCR, Military Base, and Vault 13 are all previously from Fallout 1, but there's a reason I "allow" that (Like I have a say in what can and can't be Fallout lmao)

In Fallout 1, they don't tell you what happens to your Vault, and every ending but the Mutant ending is kinda canon. The BoS, Necropolis, and such are never mentioned. (Correct me anytime if I'm wrong) The NCR and saving Tandi are probably the only two things cannon. Whatever, my point is that the endings are mostly vague on what's cannon, so your play through of the next game can be sort of a continuation of the previous Fallout.

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In a "New Vegas 2" I'm assuming we'd be in the Mojave again playing as say, "The Warrior" (idk I'm not a team of writers and I'm doing this as a placeholder) a tribal who's looking to make some money for his tribe to survive. (Not bad if you think about building a settlement town) He wanders the exact same map running into the Post NV factions. Maybe, the Neo Legionaries, Greater Kahns, the super imperialist NCR, and the sinless, no gambling New New Vegas. Maybe the main idea is corruption of non democratically elected power. Cool story, cool ideas, but it ain't working. It'd kill the emerson of: This is the world I, the courier, created. I defeated the legion, I helped Jacobstown, and I liberated New Vegas, etc, etc. Not only that, but wouldn't wandering the same map feel a little boring? A remake is one thing, but revisiting… nah.

An additional I initially missed (thank you, u/AmbientHostile for reminding me) Obsidian is a shell of it's former self, and most of the Black Isle guys aren't there anymore. So you wouldn't get a 100% authentic New Vegas. I mean, look at Outerworlds, it was ok, not good, not bad. That being said, the team can learn from previous mistakes done both by their game, Outerworlds, and Bethesda's mistakes, because that's how innovation and learning works. They could've seen the videos discussing the problems and said, "Aight, we know now." Or pull 180 and give a passive aggressive, "fuck off, you want this" to the community.

A close by location, say, Arizona or New Mexio (Heisenberg intensifies), some references to NV, maybe a few NPCs and maybe, I'll say maybe.

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