New Vegas ideas, part 3

No Intro let’s go.


Timid:You don’t like drawing attention to yourself, so you tend to go the quiet route. Plus 25 to sneak, but any explosives skill points are siphoned away to sneak.

Hidden Heart Of Gold:You may not look or act like it all the time, but you wish everyone a happy life. Both positive reputation points and negative reputation points are doubled, letting you go up and down in reputation much faster than before.

Creepily Cheery:You have a wide smile on your face, but people tend to think it’s a facade. Plus 2 to your charisma, but minus 10 to barter and speech.

Friendly Maniac:You have quite the sociopathic tendencies, but at least you’re willing to do the dirty work. Plus 5% critical strike chance(including minus 5% critical strike chance with melee and unarmed weapons if Heavy Handed was also chosen) and plus 20% firing speed, but your reputation for all drops down to Dark Hero. Also adds extra dialogue options with certain characters, and occasionally replaces some dialogue, with the former including the cut dialogue with the other fiend leaders, with some changes.

Serious Business:There’s no time for fun. Plus 15 to guns and energy weapons along both with a 20% accuracy boost and plus 3 agility, but also minus 15 to speech and barter as well as both minus 20% to your companion nerve and minus 3 charisma.

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Time of your life:Who wants to party?! Under the effects of either chems or alcohol you draw and holster weapons 50% faster and gain plus 10% critical strike chance.(Level 14 and charisma at least 7 required)

Courier’s Instincts:Took a while to get them back, but you now remember what kept you safe. You detect enemies from 25% longer distances.(Level 6, Perception at least 6, and at least one week has passed required)

Animal Tactics:Your studying on bighorners gave you the idea to mimic their attack patterns. Holding block while moving forward has you temporarily run 25% faster to charge up a powerful headbutt that knocks down enemies that can be knocked down and does double your unarmed damage but also does either 10 or 20 points of limb damage to your head depending on the armor level of the target’s headgear, though the headbutt can also have its damage increased depending on the both the armor level and condition of your headgear. Rank 2 makes the headbutt do triple your unarmed damage and cuts the recoil damage from headbutting armor in half. Does not work on robots and will instead do recoil damage, and also the headbutt cannot be done if the player’s head is crippled.(Level 22 and both survival and unarmed at least 50 required)

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Back off:Nothing beats a good old fashioned pistol whip. Either hold down attack with a gun as if you were doing a power attack with a melee weapon or simply press it if out of ammo to perform a pistol whip that pushes back enemies but makes the weapon decay 5% faster than just shooting it. The formula for pistol whip damage would be similar to fist damage formula, with it being initial value=(gun skill/20 + weapon weight). For example pistol whipping with the varmint rifle(which I guess makes it a rifle butt) and a gun skill of 70 would make the formula (70/20 plus 5.5 equals 9). Critical strikes make it knock down enemies.(level 12 and guns at least 45 required)

Beautiful Bottle Cap:You’ve learned that nowadays people would do anything to get rich. While crouching sacrifice a cap to lure human enemies to anywhere you want. It can recovered by either killing the distracted target or grabbing it before they pick it up(level 10 and barter at least 50 required)

*Deflect:About time you started putting that iron grip to good use. Blocking with a melee weapon has a 20% chance to deflect bullets at the cost of a little bit of the weapon’s condition. This can also be done in V.A.T.S. (Level 28, strength at least 7 and agility at least 8 required)

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*This was what I had planned to be rank 2 of Return to sender from part 2


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