New Vegas is a Western? And how does this make you feel?

Content of the article: "New Vegas is a Western? And how does this make you feel?"

I was feeling all nostalgic, and wanting to watch some good Western movies (I went with The Man With No Name Trilogy, for those curious), and stumbled across this page of western video games on Wikipedia. Obviously, now I have to play the shit out of Red Dead Redemption.

However, I was surprised to find Fallout New Vegas on this list.

Then I looked deeper. And this comment has found me.


Cowboy hats, leather dusters, six-shooter revolvers, lever-action rifles, bowie knives, tomahawk-throwing tribals, cattle (albeit two-headed), beef barons, rangers, dusty deserts, cooking at a campfire, abandoned mines, cacti, saloons, dynamite, caravan traders, whiskey, sleeping under the stars, farmers, handlebar moustaches, gambling, prostitutes, bounty hunting, Sunset Sarsaparilla, lots & lots of shoot-outs…

Yup, it's a western.




On top of the obvious western themes, like cowboys, saloons, the setting, etc. it has a lot of Western literary themes and tropes as well.

It's a story about a person left for dead, now tracking their would-be killer across the desert for revenge, that's Western as fuck. You're a drifter with a mysterious past and no real home (you've got the Lucky 38 and the room in Novac but neither really feel like a home, just somewhere you can sleep and store stuff). You come wandering in and out of people's lives, making major changes for the better or worse, also common in Western stories. You come to a place that's in the middle of a much larger conflict and end up playing a big role in it, something you often see in Westerns. Even the "good" endings are bittersweet at best, which you see a lot of in Westerns; while individual character arcs can have good resolutions, there's rarely an overall good ending in many Westerns, things might get better but they're still not good, and many people can even be left worse off.

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Shiiit. New Vegas IS a Western. How do you feel about this? I think Clint Eastwood should have gotten a character in the game now, but whatever. xD

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