No Textchat destroy friendships.

Content of the article: "No Textchat destroy friendships."

Until last week I played daily with a player I met in the game.

We played together almost every day, a total of almost 200 hours.

But now my friend is no longer online and I have no chance to contact him.

I could never communicate with him because he obviously didn't have voice chat enabled. I can understand this, because sometimes players are annoying, and scream out of nothing, because its "funny".

Ive looking for items ingame, with that i can tell him to active the ingame voice, so that he can hear me or we can talk.

tried to shoot the word "voice", "hear", "tell", "speak" on a wall, so that he can read it. no luck.

I have tried to google his name in vain. I have searched for him on Steam, Microsoft-friends, Beth-forums, reddit and a german Fallout-website called vault76, but no success.

We have added each other as friends in the game. But this "social" area is a joke.

So now I have no choice but to check every day if my buddy, with whom I spent over 200 hours of fun, is online again.

i feel completely helpless. just because there is no simple text chat in an online game on a pc.

On the Playstation you can write with other players, on the Xbox it works as well. Only PC players are fucked.

Edit for the Downvoters: This post only for saying: i want a text-chat ingame. not to find the person here. my story should be an example, why i need a text chat. if you are not interested in having basic features in an online game, just fine, downvote it.

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Edit 2 for the "you are creepy, stalker!": how do you find friends? if you think, to contact anyone is stalking, then sorry for you. you have bigger problems.

Edit 3 for the toxic ones: play rocket league. this community is better for you.

Im not the only one, who wants a text chat: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/gniruv/why_fallout_76_would_benefit_so_much_from_text/

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