Nobody ever tried a Bloodied build with 12-15 Endurance (minimum) ?

Content of the article: "Nobody ever tried a Bloodied build with 12-15 Endurance (minimum) ?"

Hi guys i'm experimenting a build here. As i'm still working on it (lvl72), i haven't got the chance to test it at its full capacity. But i'm wondering why nobody talk about these type of builds.

It started when i noticed that with the Carnivore mutation, some foods can heal us up to 500 hp ! So I first asked my self: " How can we possibly reach such an high amount of health !? ". It's obvious that we would need something around 15 Endurance points, the Lifegiver and Rejuvenated perk cards…minimum.

Then for sure, i also asked myself: " Why would someone maximise its health like that at the cost of its Perception and/or Agility points !?"

It's at this moment that something clicked in my head…

With an Unyielding armor set, there's only Bloodied build that could technically benefit from a such high base health pool. It would set its 20% health at 100 hp…this is crazy !

With a good dmg and energy resistance you can actually be able to maintain a pretty damn decent dps around the place without falling on the ground everytime you get spoted.

On paper it looks really interesting…

Are we actually really playing Bloodied builds as it was really intended to be played or are we missing something !? It's an answer i haven't been able to find, there's nothing on google. Even when i look for high health builds…nothing !? High health tuorials do not seem to exist ! I even tryed food builds…where you at !?

For the moment…pumpkin pies, dog ribs and hot dogs seem to be a good bet, with the Carnivore mutation.

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Here's my build, but i will definitly change it later. I just need to see i well i can do with a decent offensive setup. For now i v.a.t.s. everything easily, the Unyielding armor set give me all i need and "Grim Reaper's Sprint" often procs and honestly i don't really need "Adrenaline" and "Fun fu". I will definitly test a "Barbarian" rank3 and an "Evasive" rank 3 asap if food buffs allow me to move 2 endurance points in strenght. But for right now, he's already doing pretty well…enough well to convince me to never convert him into a sneaky build. He already gets the job done.


If you have any comment, opinion, known tutorial or anything about high health builds, thank you to share it guys ! ✌

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