Not trying to brag but think I just ran into the most generous high level yet

Read all the wholesome community stories and thought wow that's cool but never had anything happen to me in my 20 hours so far, until today. So I'm level 24, have a modest little wooden house C.A.M.P next to flatwoods which I was peacefully crafting away in when I hear footsteps outside, there's a level 500 guy next to my C.A.M.P talking on mic asking if he can hear me. I can but no mic at the time so communicated with the emotes. He asks to check out my camp, does a lap around my 2 story house with basic crafting stations, bed, few decorations etc and asked if I want a new generator as I was still using the medium one. I say yes.

He builds me the biggest generator available, runs a full conduit circuit around my house and installs about 8 new lamps to light up the whole building. He then asks me if I want a new water purifier cause im still using the small dirt one, sure. Puts down an industrial one in the river under my house. He then asks to check out my vault shelter, which was completely empty. I reply yes and he heads down. After seeing my empty vault shelter he asks if I would like some stuff placed in there for me to use however I like later. I say yes of course. He puts down a symptomatic, decontamination gate, jukebox, two stash boxes, two beds, a brotherhood of steel roundtable, a lounge, plants, flags, vault boy cutouts, vault boy/girl statue, a guitar/chair combo and drum/chair combo.

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He then asks if I would like some weapons, I say yes. He crafts me a level 20 auto combat shotgun way better then my current pump action and a level 20 laser rifle with attachments way better then my current and drops hundreds of rounds of ammo for each. He then asks if I want better armour. Crafts a full set of BOS combat armour with deep pockets attached. He then asks if I want some rare outfits. Drops the BOS commander outfit, Treasure hunter outfit, halloween outfits and fasnacht masks.

He then asks if I would like an easy spot to level up to 25, I say yes, he gets me to fast travel with him to the last area of the map full of level 40 enemies and helps me kill a scorchbeast and legendary deathclaw. Bam, level 25. He tells me to fast travel back to base because he had a reason for me to get to 25. Go back to base and he builds me a power armour station complete with a full set of level 25 power armour with a jetpack and 15 fusion cores. Finally he adds me on his friends list and leaves.

My jaw is well and truly on the floor at this point. What an amazing random act of kindness by you sir, I would put your name out publicly but I'll leave it to you to comment if you'd like, you know who you are. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, by far my favourite moment playing this game yet!

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