Notes and lessons learned for a Responder RP/aid camp playthrough

Since mid-march I've been running an aid camp for new players. All in all it's been really rewarding so I thought I'd share some of the stuff I've learned or changed if you'd like to do the same.

First, location. I chose the spot where the path from 76 meets the highway by the Lumber yard. Good spot for getting people fresh from the vault, but it's in a busy area. I have to jump worlds occasionally to spawn my camp but ultimately I don't know where else I'd go. Anywhere that's noob friendly, like the wayward, is going to be just as crowded.

I put all the gear in a vendor for 0 caps. Often new players don't realize what the vending machine even is but usually they figure it out.

Regarding gear, I typically include: bos recon rifle, radstag serrated combat knife, full set of pocketed heavy leather armor, protective vault suit. All level 1, I only supply people level 5 and below

I considered farming low level legendary weapons but really, that's the whole point of the game. I'm just trying to give people a nice start, they can upgrade their equipment on their own.

The recon rifle is a nice gun that I can make for cheap, and with the hardened receiver it comes with it will probably be useful for several levels. I figure the extra 25 carry weight from a set of pocketed armor is one of the more useful things to a new player. I was doing deep pocketed but it takes a lot of gold. I don't upgrade the armor in order to keep costs manageable, they'll find better stuff soon enough.

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I was also doing shielded underarmor but decided to back off. I have a ton of flux but still, sometimes the noobs wouldn't even equip the underarmour I gave them. Protective will last them a long, long time, may as well save a few flux per suit. I've given out several kinds of UA but settled on the vault suit because it boosts 4 special stats including +2 Int (protective) for easier leveling.

For food, I have the fasnacht protectron and I give out the snacks he recovers (I keep the donuts and royal jelly). There's usually a good supply so between that and whatever I manage to pick up, I don't have to go out of my way to farm pre-war food. I'm on a pond so I'm never short of purified water either.

For meds I keep it pretty simple: radaway and diluted stimpacks. I get more radaway than I can ever use just from ops so that's no problem. Giving full stimpacks was just enough of a burden I decided to switch to diluted.

Lastly I put 100 rounds of 308 in the machine as well. I usually just buy the ammo from other people, it's easy to find for 1 cap each and usually 1 buy lasts me for several "customers."

Finally a note on loss-prevention. I started with the free gear vending machine in an open room but after getting cleaned out by 1 too many high level jerkoffs I started trying different things. Right now I've got it behind a glass wall and locked door, so noobs can see in there. Yeah I've had a few reprobates glitch through and take the free stuff but it is what it is. 99% of people who come to my camp wouldn't dream of it and it's easiest this way.

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A dedicated responder RP is something I've wanted to do since launch and I can confirm it's a lot of fun.

Thank you for reading my book LOL


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