now I remember why I stopped playing 4.

I loved 3 and NV and I played them both on console and PC with so many hours put into them, But I bought this game for $5 used, played it for about a week, got bored. I just booted it up again after like 3 or 4 months, and after not even an hour, im bored and done again.

The reason?

It just isn't fun.

I'm up to level 8 and I can't get any enjoyment. I can't push myself to play any more. I've tried to like the game but I can't.

Here are my reasons why:

The world gives you no incentive to explore

most places just being abandoned industrial type areas like mining areas or mills and most abandoned houses are just "there" rather then have backstories like in previous games, they just exist as interiors but there isn't any reason to explore except for scrap or loot.

In fallout 3, when you left the vault, you saw a world devastated by war, you saw humanity brought to its knees. You didn't know what awaited you. You felt curiosity seeing the outstretch of abandoned decimated houses before you under a green sky.

In New Vegas you saw the opposite, a world brimming with life, full of personality. You didn't see much desolation but you were curious how people have adapted to the Mojave. You wanted to see the strip. You wanted to see fire Geckos.

When you leave the vault in 4, you see a world decimated by war..again, but it's just ruins or places that felt abandoned BEFORE the war. The largest place being diamond city is so disappointing compared to Megaton, or Rivet City or The Strip. It just feels like "that's it?"

As a whole the world just feels so unexciting. I feel like they left more places open (like the boathouse) to both decrease the number of interiors and to use the building aspect more and that as a whole is disappointing.

Which brings me to my second part,

The settlement creator isn't fun

it's just annoying. As much as I want to like it, it just isn't fun. Breaking down stuff only to realize you need to break more stuff down to make an object isn't fun nor exciting. Maybe for some people but for me. It's a chore.

The enemy variety is disappointing.

Bloodbugs are NOT fun enemies in the slightest and I hate them either as much or more then Cazadores.

Most enemies are just redesigns from 3. There aren't many new enemies that im aware of or seen except Bloodbugs, Radstags and hounds.

And look, just filling an half the map with supermutants like in 3 is just bad game design. But the supermutant areas in 3 felt like an ACTUAL war zone. It was tricky to navigate and you felt actual danger, so I'll give it that. I felt like an actual soldier navigating the areas filled with traps and swarms of armored supermutants.

In this game? The supermutant areas just feel out of place. They just exist to exist. And they aren't fun. At least fallout 2 and new Vegas gave them a reason to exist and told a backstory. They are just an annoyance in this game and way overused.

Same with generic Raiders. They exist to loot, I get that. But othertimes they're just at an rock processing plant? Or in the middle of the woods?

A lot of enemies are just tossed about. They don't explain why a Mr Gutsy is by an abandoned plane hanging out with Raiders. It just works.

None of the NPCs are really interesting

nor are the factions. Now this is strictly my opinion, but none of the NPCs are interesting, the Minutemen are shoehorned into the main plot, the institute are such lame villains, the Brotherhood isn't nearly as cool as in previous games…I just can't find any faction that really intrigues me.

Look, I want to love this game im a huge fan of the Fallout franchise. But when I got past the Deathclaw boss fight I just felt like "that's it" , the game has jumped the shark.

I don't care about my stupid son.

I really don't, Todd.


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