NPC Ideas: The Glowing Ones Part 1

So how's this idea for you?

If you played the older games (FO1/2) you know that Glowing Ones are not always slobbering radioactive monsters clawing at your face until the set of a rad burst resurrecting all local ghouls to continue to murder you. In many cases, glowing ones were nice, conversational people that just suffered from extreme radiation and couldn't be around people for long else, well, bad things and all. In the recent games you had ghoul companions in each of the games, (Charon, Raul, and Hancock respectively) but only baseline ghouls. Also, the were all males, but that's a side note. So I was thinking: what kind of Glowing one could be met as a companion?

Here's my thoughts on the matter. Constructive Criticism welcome.

Note, I have two ideas I am playing with. This is the first and the other will be in another post.

The Glowing Chef

When i was playing FONV: you could get Veronica or Ed-E to act as your work bench. I always thought that you should have a companion act as a work bench for each crafting option (Boone for ammo, Arcade for healing, etc). But then it came to the cooking and I was stuck, until this idea cropped up:

Somewhere in the wastes, in the blown out remains of a town that saw better days before the bomb, the only building in any state of repair (and it look quite lovely) is a bakery. Should you go inside, you find a person selling all sorts of pastries, beverages, and other fine foods. the person is in a head to toe outfit, like a radsuit or helmed cage armor. Every inch is covered but they are pleasant to talk to. they should also have the thickest stereotypical accent for the area. (Boston? Sounds like Peter Griffin after 10 beers. New Orleans? Expect plenty of Cajun, I Gar-un-tee! Chicago? Da Bulls… Da Beaars. you get the idea.) They talk about spending their time in this wasteland mastering their cooking skills but finding ingredients (and customers) keeps getting harder and harder. After some talk you can get the option to do some jobs for them (go get me 14 cans of Cram and I'll make my famous cram masubies) or recruit them. They are eager to see more of the wastes and find out more cooking recipes that have emerged since the bombs have dropped. They are a decent close in fighter, working with knives and the occational ripper. they can use pistols but they favor gamma guns. You can also give them upgraded armor but will only wear head to toe clothing. they are very adamant about that. Also, should you have the ingredients, they will act as a cooking station, usually saying something like "What 'll it be?" or "What can I get for you?" Like you are in a diner or fine restaurant. Err on the side of fine dining. However, whatever is being made has 25% more rads than normal (minimum of 5) and the benefits are also 25% better.

After a while, (first quest) they will say that now that they have seen what is out here, they know what they are after: a cookbook from a master… who happens to be a local legend. (If NV, the real cookbook from the White Glove society. If New Orleans, the lost true cookbook of Chef Paul Prudhomme. If Boston, the recipes from slocum' Joes and not just the hot bites. Though a better place would be the "Cheers" bar on the edge of Swan territory. I can't think of any remaining "fine dining" establishment. If you have one, leave it in the comments.) so now you have the quest to get the book. however before you finish that quest (or if completing the quest if you have bad karma with that character) They feel they can finally admit the truth to you. They take off their hood and show you their true face. Like I said: glowing one. they tell you how much it pains them to tell you because everyone else who has seen them has either fled in terror or tried to kill them. that is probably painful enough, but they will tell you the other side of this. The radiation (and FEV) that kept them alive for so long is eating away at their brain. They know one day, maybe today, maybe 200 years from now, they will go feral. They also know, from the amount of dropped spoons and forgotten ingredients in recent dishes, it is closer to tomorrow than it is 200 years from now. That horror has been staring them in the face for years and now they have you. Here's where the other quest begins.

Now if they completed the Cookbook quest, then this get's easy as they are so excited from completing their life's work, that they offer you the choice as to what is to be done with them. (explained later and this is also an either "quick out" or allow you to start the next quest.) If you haven't completed the Cookbook quest, then they are trusting you with both. good thing they both coincide. Besides finding the book, and making several dishes from it to know they got it right, the heard somewhere that someone, in a lost lab had made a "cure." well maybe cure is the wrong word. they made an agent which when applied to Ghouls stabilized brain functions and kept feral at bay for at least another 200 years. (This is discovered when talking to a well educated and eloquent super mutant who claims for 10000 caps they will show you where it is.) If the hero could just help them find the cure and then help them set up their final restaurant, they would serve them anything they ever wanted until one of them died.

This long quest will take you to the supermutant who makes the offer I mentioned. you can take him up on the offer and he will show you the way, escorting you there. If you do you own research/or make a great speech check, you will discover the location of an old nuke dumping site in the abandoned research facility far outside of any town. either way, once you get there, you deal with hordes of ghouls until you reach the "locked" center where the cure is. There you find a massive pile of bones and corpses. There is no cure. There never was. the Supermutant, should he still be with you, will attack as you and your companion are another in a line of idiots scammed by the Supermutant. (he leads people here and kills them, takes their stuff, and claims they didn't survive the "dangerous journey.") (Kill or speech check and he will go away, though I'm guessing it's kill.)

this leaves you and them with a difficult choice: what now? here come the endings:

1) them dies before he even sees the end or is killed by the supermutant (both possible). It's also possible you killed them when they took the hood off.

2a )When seeing there is no cure, they say how they can't live like this. they beg you, let them make 3 things from the book, and when it's done, please put a bullet in the back of the head so they don't see it coming. (Book quest incomplete)

2b) When seeing there is no cure, they loose all hope and ask to be put out of their misery right then and there. If you refuse (and fail speech check) they say sorry for putting that on you and run off to destroy themselves, though they leave you the book. (book quest complete)

3a) You manage to convince them to live, even knowing what is going to happen, one day. You help them get involved in Faction A where they become a local cook and minor celebrity. they have a happy enough life.

3b) You managed to convince them to live. Help them get involved in Faction B who hate and distrust Ghouls. there they are stuck in a container that uses them as fuel for the nuclear reactors. they still teach cooking from behind radiation proof glass but they will never taste fine foods ever again.

3c) You managed to convince them to live and help them get involved in Faction C. this faction helps them set up a restaurant in a town which also acts as a front (crime, smuggling, railroad, whatever) it's a place in the middle of nowhere and few visit, but those who do love their cooking.

3d) You managed to convince them to live and help them get involved with Faction D where they end up feeding an army. it's not fine food at all and they don't get a chance to really experiment but it's a role in life.

4) You convince them to live and help them set up a restaurant in one of your settlements. They agree to this if you promise to end them should they ever turn even remotely feral. You even help find the plot they will be buried in when you are through. Though they don't know it, they live to the ripe old age of 525 long enough that people forget the name of the town but they always remember that Glowing restaurant…

5) You convince them to live and embrace life for as long as they have it. You help them set up a restaurant in one of your settlements (or one of the other major towns like diamond city) they are accepted as one of their own and is prosperous even if they are distrusted. still they find a home to live in, even if they have to wear a suit every day.

6) You get them to embrace the feralness to come. don't let it slow them down. you even help them discover the pleasures of eating human flesh (if you have the cannibal perk). soon the once proud chef becomes a terror of the wastes, devouring any who enter their territory but not before basting and rubbing seasoning on the corpse.

That's idea one. Your thoughts?

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