Nuclear Winter Guide: Get The Briefcase Almost Every Time!

Content of the article: "Nuclear Winter Guide: Get The Briefcase Almost Every Time!"

Preface: I'm not sure if console players know about this but I feel like the info should be made public. On PC, it is nearly common knowledge. I was the first to ever discover this on the Morgantown map. My friend Vitor was the original finder of this on the Flatwoods map (latest patch has since deleted the static case spawn point in Flatwoods). There used to be a daily challenge that made everyone spend minutes in the fire, and it was because of this he stumbled upon it. When Morgantown came out, I figured it must have it too. So on day one I went out exploring the fire. My first guess was correct.

Guide: The only requirement is that you need 9 points in Endurance so you can equip Ghoulish. Optionally, you get either gun runner, run with your knife, or pharma farma. These are all not necessary but could help when you are learning the route. The fire will kill you and give you lots of rads, if you can't find a single stimpack you will die attempting this. Luckily, there are many crates in the fire during the route.

Here is a map of the route and spawn location. You spawn there because there is an orange crate near that green circle. https://imgur.com/8yYWPV4

You run toward Arktos Pharma, on the way there, there is an orange crate you can't miss. Then at Arktos, run up the stairs, go through the door to the second floor. This room is where the first case might be, and then the door on the right leads to a meeting room where the second case might be. Tons of loot crates all over Arktos Pharma. You must grab a few stims and hopefully a radaway. You will most likely grab whatever gun loadout you use too. You will likely even obtain 4 codes to launch the 1st nuke.

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You will of course need the hacker perk equipped so that you can hack a terminal to launch the nuke on your friends or known hackers. The yellow dots are locations of terminals for those new to the game mode (probably a few I missed). Hopefully I have given some inspiration to people who never launched a nuke before, or don't normally get a lot of kills because they are new to the game.

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