Nuclear Winter needs balancing changes and bug fixes!

Content of the article: "Nuclear Winter needs balancing changes and bug fixes!"

  • Gauss shotguns need a damage nerf in Nuclear Winter. They are very overpowered when perked for them. Even when not perked for, they are still a very difficult challenge.

  • Add the Fireproof perk card to Nuclear Winter and/or add the dense mod to armor in the mode. There are many buffs for explosives. However there is nothing that adds explosive damage resist on a consistent scale.

  • Players can receive credit from other players kills by thirsting their kills. This should not happen!

  • Using vats on grenades/mines in Nuclear Winter needs to be removed!

  • Some players are loading in a lot earlier than other players. Make everyone load in at the same time again like it used to be!

  • Sometimes you can hear shooting from one direction when it's actually coming from another.

  • Certain guns can take longer to reload than usual.

  • Quickly shooting after aiming will sometimes give you an ads glitch to where you are looking down the sights and also not.

  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats should be separate from Adventure mode and Nuclear Winter mode. I shouldn't have to make a new character for Nuclear Winter just so I don't mess with the stats on my Adventure to run a preferred build in Nuclear Winter.

  • Attempting to hack a terminal can put your game into a "server not responding" state.

  • There are also exploits old and new that need patched. Won't go into details here.

  • This is just a suggestion but I'd like crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation servers.

  • Edit: Auto fire glitch that can happen after you get revived.

  • Edit: Quick wheel is broken at spawn in. This is quite annoying and has got me killed a few times.

  • Edit: Using a stim while using melee stops you in place to stim.

  • Edit: Gun Runner should not work with submachine guns!

  • Edit: Frog legs should be removed from the game as it's too op!

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