Nuka world DLC issues | Anywhere in nuka world freezes or crashes my entire pc, forcing hard reset. Please help.

Content of the article: "Nuka world DLC issues | Anywhere in nuka world freezes or crashes my entire pc, forcing hard reset. Please help."

I'm very unsure if I should post this here or not, but I cant get an answer anywhere else.

Currently having major issues with nuka world DLC
So far, the forced hard resets have cost me my E drive, which no longer appears upon startup, but thats not the issue here.

The moment I go onto the monorail, and enter Nuka-World, my game will crash after a 2nd "Loading screen" that makes my screen go dark green (As if it were a filter) And it loads for a short amount of time before freezing my pc, or crashing fallout.
I'm unsure why this is happening but it has been happening to any other DLC's (Excluding Automaton dlc), this also applys to player made maps/areas. Anything outside of the commonwealth will destroy my computer. Either freezing or crashing. It sometimes happens normally, and if a mod adds any interior it will crash! Almost all mod content (Going in a new building added by a mod) Will crash my computer.
I have tried windowed mode and nothing happens.
My mod list is as follows.
CBBE – v2.6.3

The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Kaleidoscope edition – All-in-one

Darker Nights

Rich merchants 1.1

Scrap everything

Armor and Weapon Keywords community Resource v8.6.0

We Are The Minutemen

Beautiful female settlers v2.0 FOMOD – hotfix

Lots more female hairstyles – v. 1.33

Visible Compainion Affinity v4.141 EN

Lots more male hairstyles v. 1.21

Lots more facial hair v. 1.21

Commonwealth cuts 2.5.1

CROSS_Jetpack v.92

LooksMenu v1-6-18


Manufacturing extended

No More Stagger

HUDFramework 1.0f

Nodas Equipment Recyler v 0.91b

Read:  A list of 60+ visual issues with various assets, including outfits, skins, camp objects, etc.

Looks menu customization compendium

Auto Loot

Eagles sexy AF companions (Curie)

ODST Battle Armor 2k


Northen springs 1b (Note, I crashed ALOT when playing this mod, the "bounty hunters" that came after me in diamond city crashed my game a hot total of SIX times)

GOT – Gatherers out there (All in one)

Lead-Based paint

More Lead items alternative

Galactic Zone settlement
2nd note (I had galactic zone settlement uninstalled before entering nuka world, this is a newly added mod.)

Please help me, as I really want to play the nuka world DLC

3rd note, I was unable to reach the transit station due to "You cannot go that way" regardless of it being right there, had to tcl to it.)

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