[NV]I modded a mod, for a more civilized age

Content of the article: "[NV]I modded a mod, for a more civilized age"

I've been a little off-put on the scope of the insane amounts of killing you in the new fallout games, so I got DevilsWish's Near Death mod and modified to make it a bounty hunter mod. Not done, not nearly but here's the thing:

When human enemies are down to 40% of their health they fall down injured, and if I have the mod's slave collar I can put it on them, use a stimpack to heal them up, and then have them surrender themselves to NCR or Legion as the faction permits and I get a rep boon and a payment in the respective safehouse and all of their kit comes directly into my inventory so I can get their on death items, which are usually how quest items are, but more importantly, I can collar and bounty NPCs that have to die for quests to continue, and I tried this in the Old Glory Quest in New California and it works like a charm. So I can do ANY quest, without killing anyone (in a roleplaying and people killed counter sense).

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It's fun now shooting people's legs out and they fall into a pool of blood and then I patch them up and send them to the authoties for interrogation or slavery. AND this also means that NPCs, like the often hapless NCR troopers, can get critically injured and my character can save them rather than watching them be killed.

I'm wondering if anyone else was ever interested in a mod like this. It lets you be a technical pacifist, a bounty hunter AND a good samitarian to waylaid wastealnders, all in one package.

I'm thinking of refining it. Hell given that I did this, maybe I can design non letthal scripts to solve things like the Fiends in Vault 3 or getting the Powder Gangers to surrender to the NCR without a fight, and espeically using Terrifying Presence to slove Ghosttown Gunfihgt without the gunfight by putting the fear of God Satan and Courier Six into Joe Cobb. Not saying I could quickly, but I might actually be able to make small teaks to make this stuff happen.

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Or is this something that has an audience of one?

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