Old, New, and Eveyrthing In-between Fans..

It's okay to like or dislike any of the games, but this propoganda against people that like any other Fallout game other than 4 needs stop. I understand if you like the game, it has Nick-Fucking-Valentine, Piper, Curie, John Hancock, a much better shooting system then 3's and just some generally great changes overall in the combat system and so on, it's not a terrible game by any means, but it's not the only game in the series. But like anything, it's still flawed and sadly, the second most flawed in the series; right after tactics.

You have to remember the games that started the series are story and player choice first and foremost. That's why it was and is still one of the most beloved series. People want a great story, realistic world (that fits in the world of Fallout), is an rpg and doesn't break what came before. Fallout 4 doesn't come off like a Fallout game in a lot it's gameplay and it's main campaign.

•Is the landscape beautiful? Yes.

•Are there amazing characters? Yes

•Is the writing good? A lot of misses, but

a few really good hits.

•The best power armour? Hell yes!

but is a little overpowered and

needs some early game tweaking.

•Is it a bad game? Not by any means.

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Just because you love something, doesn't mean it isn't flawed and can't criticize it. Bethesda is a flawed company and from what I've seen they're headed down a better path after everything with 76 and that's what everyone should want. Things and people should always improve. But when a company fucks up, you should let them know, not be a piece of shit about it, and don't over correct and excuse bullshit either. If Obsidian or any other company pulled something like that, or worse, I would be just as pissed and find a kind way to let them know. Threats and screaming into the void get us nowhere, no matter what you believe, like, dislike, or love. (From what I know none of you have threatened anyone, I'm speaking generally here.)

I understand you want to show your appreciation for a game you love, but it's not the only game in the series and repeats a lot of the stuff that's already been while still doing plenty of new, because it's part of a franchise. This doesn't mean don't be excited about those good qualities, but don't go around acting like it's the only game that did it. You'll come off as an ass. And old fans don't rain on their parade if they're simply excited about a feature; you're an actual ass if you do that.

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Now that Microsoft has bought Bethesda, I'm really hoping Obsidian and Bethesda start working together with the Fallout games. They could make truly great games. We should do the same in here. Even if that doesn't happen, which it might or might not, we should anyway. We're a community, we should be supporting each other, not fighting over every little or big thing. We're not always going to agree and that's fine, that's natural, that's life. All I ask is you, no matter who you are, remember we all love the same series, or certainly have our favourite game or games in it, and shouldn't be fighting over it.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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