“Old World Gold” and the horror of how the Fallout Universe had no sense of Detente

Content of the article: "“Old World Gold” and the horror of how the Fallout Universe had no sense of Detente"

While one can debate ad-nosum of who started the Great War, the Fallout Universe makes it clear that the Great War was being built up for years of even decades prior:

In New Vegas we see constant exmplaration of this in the DLC's with the standout examples being Dead Money and Old World Blues. Chemical weapons the likes of which would make the Soviet Chemical WMD department blush, nigh invincible holograms for use in combat and policing, and and in Lonesome Road it shows that after nuclear attack the sheer quantity of nuclear weapons stored would be at least comparable if not exceeding IRL extremes.

Fallout 3 and 4 both deal with this as well: Megaton's Bomb, the rusting sandblasted hulk that is Rivet City, Liberty Prime, the Enclave's bunker complex, and mobile Airport as well as vast military propaganda / simulators troops where supposed to use. Four has Mini-nuke development, the Chinese submarine which sits strong in the bay for over a hundred years, and of course Synths.

Fallout is a universe where the concept where cold war 'Detente' seems to not be shown and seems to pride itself on that the America we wander through is one marked with a never ending scale increase of a gout-ridden cold war machine set alight.

Now, Detente is something I am not as well versed as others, but the basic idea is as the Cold War dragged on, every decade or so there was major attempts to stop what was slowly realized to be a war that could end humanity via denuclarization and demilitarization such as one shown at Tekoi via the link Here:

In addition, for reasons that seem heavily connected to the business side of Pre-Apocalypse America, instead of putting energy behind solutions of the oil crisis like investing in different power sources, they instead continue to assert heavier and heavier claims in Alaska and send more and more military to protect it resulting in Anarchage and the eventually the nuclear holocaust that we see in Fallout 4.

Has anyone thought about this before? Is was this obvious and I wasn't seeing it?

No matter the case, "Old World Gold", should terrify everyone. Since I fear more horrors still lie buried out there in the wastelands.

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