On Far Harbor’s Mother of the Fog

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Who is the mysterious Mother who appears in a vision when you join Children of Atom? Here's what I discovered.

When we begin Children of Atom quest line, we have to drink from a spring and are granted a vision of a woman, leading us to a shrine, where we notice a note:


Which guides us to look at the periodic table of elements, and beside it, we find a terminal password Mo99Th90Er68, which opens a door for us to take Mother icon.

After we return, Grand Zealot Richter tells us that she was the one who initially led them to the Nucleus. If we explore around, we may eventually find this note:


I think that this note is from the Mother, and she wrote it as she was guiding the exiled Children of Atom to the Nucleus. If so, you may ask, how does she stay hidden, only appearing mysteriously to guide? If we explore a little more, we find another note of similar style.


This note is located right next to a bunch of Stealth Boys. She considers them a gift from Atom and uses them to remain hidden. Alright, so Mother is a real person who's been spying on the Children of Atom for a long time. So, what does she mean by wanting "to end their pain"? If we keep looking, there's yet another note we can find:


Hmmm… who is a vengeful creature? Who is the good confessor that's driven away and questioning his purpose? If we get a key from DiMA and discover previous confessor Martin)'s holo)tapes, this note starts to make total sense. We learn that because of giving fog condensers to Far Harbor and letting them stay, Brother Andrews) was killed, which turned Children of Atom against Far Harbor. Tektus was asking for blood, and because Martin disagreed, he became a traitor in the eyes of Children. DiMA is a vengeful creature, and Martin is the good confessor. But what makes Martin good, as opposed to presumably Tektus, who is bad? There's two possible explanations:

  1. Martin wanted Children to have a place where they don't have to fight. That's why he wanted to convince the people of Far Harbor to go away. Perhaps that's what Mother also wants for Children: to have home where they don't have to fight. However, wouldn't they still suffer due to trappers? Due to harsh wildlife? If that's all mother wanted, it still wouldn't "end their pain", it would just somewhat reduce it, so why would she lead them to the Nucleus?.. So perhaps there's another explanation.

  2. Martin was more open to the idea of launching the nukes to reunite Children with Atom than Tektus. In one of his holotapes, Martin says:

Atom requires nothing of us. He has granted us a chance to become something greater. To Divide our weak mortal frames and bring life to millions of new worlds. We are simply accepting the opportunity His Glow presents, whatever form it may take. <...> The Nucleus, it is a blessing of the truest order… it would be hard to leave such a gift, even if it is for another. But, regardless, the key is lost. So until Atom sees fit to return it, I'd dare say you're stuck with us.

It appears that Martin would be inclined to do it if he had the key, even though it would be a hard decision. You can compare that to Tektus:

But this island. Atom's kingdom. We have been given stewardship of this place. To abandon it… it would be an affront to everything He has granted us. Such a grand Division… it is not our family's path.

I think that's what Mother wanted Martin to do, and that's why she considered him a good confessor, that's why she led them to the Nucleus. After Martin ran away, he was visited by Sister Gwyneth, who instilled further doubt about Atom into him, making him doubt "his purpose". What purpose might that be? According to Mother, his purpose was "to end their pain" by launching the nukes and reuniting them with Atom. No more suffering, no more struggle, just the Division that they were always looking for.

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