Once one gets to the endgame in Fo76 there is absolutely nothing to do

Nothing. In 3 years.

2 endbosses in 3 years i find a joke even calling them endbosses, as it's just events.

Events, FFXIV or Destiny or any other multiplayer game has dozens more of. Beside their raids, duties, dungeons, strikes, etc etc etc.

The scoreboard i also don't count as an activity. As it's just doing what you do for 3 years to unlock toys-r-us-like stuff.

Daily ops. I don't know about others. But to me cheap design and boring. And as a lot of other things you do in Fo76 does not even reward you any good. As rewards are just bad.

Now you say Fo76 is free? Right? To me, someone that has paid full price for this game, 180€ a year for its sub and its pay2win-like scrapbox and tent, free is something totally different.

A lot of games don't have subs, but season passes. Season passes that most times have a minimum of 3 dlc's, on which every dlc has more content than Fo76 has stacked in its 3 years. Beside frequent bug fixing, that isn't sold as content. Destiny's dlc's are just one example to compare the content.

So feel free to do the math and check how many season passes 180€ can get you? And the amount of content coming with it?

Not to mention the single BoS cosmetic bundle with its 5 cosmetics, that alone has the price of a single season pass or major dlc.

I love Fallout like everyone else on here. But what the owner of this brand are doing with it is to me an absolutely pathetic display.

It feels like the only things that they are listening to is when it's new atom-shop things people ask for.

But totally ignore everyone begging for new content now for almost over 2 years.

Personally, i'm sick of the biggest content drought i have ever experienced in a game and just want new stuff to do. New, meaningful, interesting stuff. Not hyped for more toys-r-us like scoreboards having players do same repetitive things.

Scoreboard could be a good additional thing. But having it be the major seasonal activity is just a joke at best to me.

Like my opinion or not. But i am free to express my feelings, free to criticize, especially when compared to other games it seems more than justified. As this is not a free to play game.

Edit: Thanks to all the support, i'm just baffled. Immediately after i have created this post it was downvoted like crazy. For hours. And got the strong feeling that i have to be the only one that feels a crazy lack of content in this game and feels Bethesda is doing a bad business with it.

Now i log in and see like over 100 comments, since i logged out, rewards, support and i'm really happy! Not for the upvotes or rewards as such. But for the sign of them that there is a lot more players feel like me.

Maybe we truly can be more vocal and have Bethesda work on the game too, not only on their atom-shop to earn money alone for little to minimum effort.

And if it's more people they need working on the game, so be it. Personally, i'm sick of this excuse, as i for sure wasn't one having a problem with it, have more devs work on the game.

And with the business model they run, obviously earn money, and having the game being easily more expensive than a lot others, but offer not even a fraction of these, it's more than justified to criticize. Even if it needs a rethinking on the business model as a whole.

Anyways. Thank you all so much! And sorry in advance, when i won't be able to respond to all comments.


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