(Opinion) Fallout as a franchise is amazing, but no individual game is that great

Content of the article: "(Opinion) Fallout as a franchise is amazing, but no individual game is that great"

Fallout is easily my all time favorite franchise. Something about the world and all the little details that go into each game fascinate me, the only problem is that IMO, none of the games on their own are necessarily very good. As a whole, I'd say the franchise is great, but the games are not, if that makes any sense. Here's my reasoning:

  • For 1 & 2, it's mostly just how dated they are and the isometric/turn based gameplay that turn people off from these entries. The stories and world building of those games however are great, and set up the universe and franchise very well. For me personally, I just don't enjoy turn based games and would much rather play in real time like the later games in the series. Since that's just my opinion, I won't say it really holds them back. However, I do think the top-down, isometric view does take away from the immersion, as being able to explore environments up close and experience all of the little details of the wasteland is something that I believe 3, NV, 4, and even 76 really have going for them.

  • Skipping over Tactics and Brotherhood(yikes), FO3 was the first FPS/TPS in the series, which as previously mentioned I believe is the best POV for these games to be played in. The wasteland in 3 also has a really great post apocalypse feeling throughout the world, one that feels awful and simultaneously amazing to experience. Although I will admit the dumbing down of Fallout by Bethesda when it comes to the "retro future" aspects is kind of disappointing in some regards, I really enjoy the choices done with the radio and music present in the game. Despite all the the great things Bethesda did with Fallout, bugs, outdated graphics, clunky gameplay, and a pretty basic main story hold 3 back from being a really great game.
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  • Then we have NV, many people's favorite (mine as well). Big improvements in RPG elements and storytelling were made over 3 in NV, and additions to gameplay like weapon mods and ADS added more depth and quality of life to the game. I personally love the atmosphere of NV the most out of any Fallout game, and feel very "at home" wandering the desert. I feel like the Mojave is a good balance between the bleak and empty Capital wasteland and the almost too populated Commonwealth in 4. The fact that Obsidian managed to make NV in 18 months, concept art to finished product, is insanely impressive and incredibly disappointing when thinking of how great NV could have been if given the normal years-long dev cycle of the other games. Because of the engine and time limitations, NV was and still is an absolute mess of bugs, and a real pain to play sometimes, along with having the same graphical quality as 3, which was already outdated when it was released years before. As "great" as I think NV is, having to rely on a list of mods just to start the game is something that keeps me from going back sometimes, and likely keeps others from giving it a chance.

  • Fallout 4 was the modernization of the series that was needed for many of its gameplay elements: Shooting was finally a feature and not an obstacle, and meant that VATS was no longer necessary for some players to actually land shots; Character creation was more detailed and allowed you to make your character look like a real human; Weapon modding was now far more intricate than before and allowed more choices; Power armor was now actually power armor; The list goes on and on. But, for all of the improvements on gameplay, the core experience of the game was watered down significantly. The RPG elements of 3 & NV were practically gone, with only 4 speech options that were essentially all the same, very few ways of going about an objective (typically just kill x person and continue with the quest), and only ~4 endings that didn't seem to care about your choices. It's clear that Bethesda tried to do new things with 4 that would make it more appealing to mainstream audiences, which worked in some ways but failed miserably in others. All in all, it's no doubt a fun game, but doesn't quite feel like an RPG fallout experience in the same vein as the previous games.
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  • Then there's 76. I have played very little of 76, as so far all it has done is shown how greedy Bethesda has become and how they are likely done making good fallout games for the foreseeable future. Despite their plans to "fix" 76 by adding in basic things like NPCs and and a story, I don't think they'll ever come back from all the controversy they caused these past few years. Anyways, this one definitely isn't a great game.

As a whole, fallout is amazing, but individually each game has glaring flaws(some subjective ofc) that hold them back. I'm sure this is how most people feel about the games, despite everyone having a favorite, but I just wanted to write out my feelings on the matter. Lemme know what y'all think.

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