Over the Virus I Played the Fallouts. I Have Now Ranked the Fallouts.

So, before the Coronavirus I'd never played any Fallout games ever. Really, I'd never been much of a gamer. I played Skyrim with my friend, Dan, when I was in fifth grade as well as Spiderman, Halo and GTA V. But, when my school got closed last year, my brother and I bought an Xbox. And so, the first game I downloaded was Skyrim. Played it, loved it. And then I bought Fallout 4. Played it, loved it. To be honest, my brother and I weren't ever really that close before we played Fallout 4 and Skyrim together. Now, we actually have a common interest, which is really nice. But, after 4 I went on the to play New Vegas, 76 and 3, all of which are really great games in their own regards. I haven't 100% finished 3 and have yet to do the DLCs. Anyhow, I came out feeling that I could now rank these games, based on the base game and wanted to see if you good people agreed our disagreed with me. Sorry if this causes any upset, but we love what we love, right?

*Won't mention graphics because it's super unfair.

*It's long-sorry!!!!

  1. (Best) Fallout 4. Ok lol hear me out. I love New Vegas. And I enjoyed 3. But personally, something that I thought Fallout 4 did better than any title before (can't speak for 1,2 or the spinoffs) is it's gameworld. While the sunshine is a bit much, the little stuff like the bank in Lexington with dead, pre war bank robbers who died getting into the getaway car really brings the world to life. The affinity with companions was great, though some were lacking. The actual objects in the game (glue, tin cans, toy cars) having a purpose for crafting was really smart. Power Armor being tank-is and huge was awesome and Fusion Cores added new challenges to the game. Also, Survival mode is so frustratingly hard, which is awesome. The settlement building was fun and creative but certainly could have been better. Less settlements, like to ten would have been better. The story was great, but not quite player based enough. I wanted to make decisions, not be forced into them. The factions had great moral ambiguity-except the minutemen who are kinda useless. All in all, it feels distinctly Fallout, but also very lack luster at times (like the Combat Zone-huge missed opportunity).
  2. New Vegas. It's brilliant. Truly. Most movies aren't this well written. The story is gripping, your actions have ramifications, it's brilliant. The tone, the feel is spot on. The characaters are so interesting, especially Mr. House. My jaw hit the floor when I discovered he was a pre-war CEO. The ending, having an actual meaning and a feeling of distinction to my Courier was great. The factions were morally different and like 4, have ambiguity, plusses and minuses. However, this is where it's a step down in my opinion. The world is really, really barren. And I know, it's a desert, but that's actually part of the issue. The desert setting is very, well, dead and so there isn't enough environment for me. That's part of my worry for Elder Scrolls 6, is the desert. The combat is pretty spotty, it takes awhile to get used to. But for me, the game can get just a bit confusing at times, like when choosing factions, although 4 does this a little too at one point. Finally, no endgame was soooo disappointing. I wanted to continue being the Courier and sadly, could not. But, there will son be a mod for that so tan's cool. Love the game though, really great.
  3. Fallout 3. It does a lot well. The lighting of a green sky and green filter was so much cooler than 4 and New Vegas in my opinion. The beginning with the vault is actually fun and not as tedious as it is in 4. The Gary vault and that tree dude named Harold were highlights for sure. The problem here for me was really the open, emptiness of the world. It was a lot like New Vegas in that regard. Also, the story was also very restrictive and the dad thing was like Shaun. Couldn't finish, broken steel fixes that. The game has a lot to offer, but the environmental storytelling and lack of endings puts it here for me.
  4. (Worst) Fallout 76. I know people love this game and I know people hate it. I am in neither camp. As a Fallout game, it works in some ways. Actually, it has moments that feel more Fallout than 4. But, the game leaves me wishing it was single player. I enjoy aspects of it, but they are all aspects I enjoy in single player games. The online feel is very lost on me, in a way that a game like GTA V is not. The only online part that is, in my opinion, any good is actually the Nuclear Winter which isn't terrible. But, I wish they'd spent the time making a single-player game, rather than an online MMO. I know some people love it, and there are aspects I love (I am genuinely excited for the Zetans update!) but the online portion needs to fleshed out, similar maybe to Elder Scrolls Online. Also, lighting is just bad. I am the source of light in this game.
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Anyhow, I'd love to know if you agree to disagree!

This may controversial, and I am, deeply sorry if it is. I'm, I guess, fairly new to this community of Fallout players, but regardless, if you made it this far, thanks! Hope you have a wonderful day or evening! And for those of you who have a date or job interview or anything your nervous about this week, good luck!


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