Part of this friendly community feels neglected. Let’s help each other.

Hi everyone,

The Fallout 76 community is known to be a friendly, healthy one. Experienced players help new players out by dropping loot containing stuff they'll really need. Players help each other complete difficult quests. There's something about the people playing this game that feels welcoming in a way I haven't really seen much of anywhere else lately.

With that in mind, I want to bring awareness to a tiny part of the player base who have struggled with a frustrating graphical problem on PC since Wastelanders. These players are super enthusiastic about the game. Some of them has been here from the start, and some of them came along later, but they all just want to play this game. They've been pinging community managers, Bethesda Support, writing on the official forums, and of course, writing Reddit posts about it. Some, like me, simply stopped playing the game. Others went as far as buying a new graphics card to work around it, which is getting more difficult (and expensive) for each day passing by in these times.

Who are they? They are the PC players who owns an AMD-based graphics card based on the Vega or Navi/RDNA architecture, the latter of which is the current architecture of AMD graphics cards.

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What is the problem they're experiencing? It is commonly referred to as the "zebra stripes" issue, and from we can gather it seems to be cubemap or reflectivity problems in exterior cells somehow related to Global Illumination/Enlighten. Here is an example.

How small is this group of players? Based on the Steam Hardware & Software Survey, and if my calculations are correct, we're talking about at most 4-5% of Steam users. And this is only on PC hardware, mind you. If this is representative of Fallout 76 players as well, it is safe to assume it is a very small group of players.

Here's some community members that have been vocal about it here on Reddit, beside me: u/TheDanishDude, u/DemonNeutrino, u/LightSwitchTurnedOn, u/jesman1, u/Zarawte, u/Marca81, u/Leader1687, u/SimplyUnreal, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Now, we all know that the team devoted to maintaining Fallout 76 at Bethesda Game Studios is not that big, and that most development resources are dedicated to the development of new IP such as Starfield, so anything they decide to prioritize must be important enough to large enough a chunk of players or otherwise have direct, measurable effects to the bottom line. And, while we did get a few responses from u/Ladydevann, we also know that no one representing BGS, community manager or otherwise, is likely to come out and straight up say "we're never going to prioritize this".

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That's why I'm trying something different with this post. And why I took my sweet time with even mentioning what the problem was. Sorry for the long read, but there are players here who could really use your support. Please be so kind as to upvote this post to highlight that you care about them, and/or help us in any way you otherwise can. Mention it during AMAs. If you do YouTube videos, maybe mention this in one of them. Anything helps.


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