Paul’s second week in the wasteland

Content of the article: "Paul’s second week in the wasteland"

The road to diamond city is long, and full of danger, but Paul is unphased. Now hellbent on finding his wife's killer, he is willing to do anything to get there, even if it takes a lifetime.

Paul could hear the shouting from across the road, two tough-looking thugs wielding homemade weaponry were demanding money from who Paul assumed was on the wrong end of a drug deal. With the promise of Money, something he would desperately need if he was to hunt the scarred murderer down, Paul agreed to "convince" the woman to hand over the money. Failing to realise ignoring Paul's threat meant death, she refused to pay. He received a reasonable number of caps from Wolfgang, the dealer.

A day or so later, tired and sore from walking, paul begrudgingly purchased some food with his new caps, giving him enough energy to continue on his way, and asked the miserable old trader for directions to DC.

Wandering the streets of Boston, searching for the "jewel of the commonwealth" Paul found himself incredibly lost, with only his pre war knowledge of the city to guide him. Gunshots in the distance, people shouting, he runs towards the commotion, tire iron out and ready for a fight. A powerful blow to the chest knocks him off his feet, a giant green-skinned man, horrifically mutated and ridiculously strong, stands over him, about to crush Paul's head with the heavy wooden plank it grips tightly in its massive hands. In the blink of an eye, it happened, a muzzle flash, the mutant's head pops in a glorious explosion of viscera and gore. The shot was so loud that Paul's ears were ringing painfully.

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He stumbles to his feet, ready to look upon the face of his saviour, only to see an emotionless mask look back at him. The gruff but warm voice from within curtly told him to stay out of the way, and walked off. Regaining his barings, Paul notices an arrow, crudely sprayed onto a wall.. diamond city was not far now.

To be continued. Bit shorter than the first one, but I hope you enjoyed regardless. I'm having a great time writing these, so I'll continue Paul's story whenever I can.

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