Places/things you’d like to see in fallout, but probably won’t

Content of the article: "Places/things you’d like to see in fallout, but probably won’t"

I personally have 2 locations I'd love to see a Fallout game be set in, though I doubt Bethesda will ever touch them.

New England

I'd love to see a Fallout game set in New England, maybe bleeding a little bit into Canada. A place even more abundant in exploitable historical sights than Boston, there'd be no shortage of interesting quests and conflicts. A nice mixture of Swamps, flatlands, mountains, giant lakes, tons of forest, and a lot of coastline would make for an exquisite wide open experience. It could take themes from 4 of taming the wilderness, building settlements, expanding out and generally carving out your position in one of the last bits of fertile wilderness on the US east coast to go unclaimed. It'd probably have a much stronger focus on nature, the effects of mutation, mutated wildlife and plants, native/colonial history, and possibly semi-supernatural elements such as wendigos or forest spirits which we saw quite a bit of in fallout 76. It'd definitely have a big opportunity to introduce pretty solid horror elements to the series with these things as well, in a capacity not quite seen in any other Fallout.

Why do I think a Fallout game will never be in New England? Bethesda doesn't like re-treading old ground with their games, areas that have been in previous games via the main game or DLC have historically never been used again. Fallout 4 was in Massachusetts, a small part of New England, and got a DLC set in Maine. For the same reason I doubt there'll ever be another mainline Fallout set in Nevada, California, or Utah, I doubt there'll ever be one in New England proper.

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South east/Mid Atlantic

Much like New England, this one will most likely never come to pass because we got Fallout 3 with Maryland and a little bit of Virginia. A game set in Virginia/North Carolina/South Carolina would be an awesome contrast to the previously mentioned New England in theme. Being one of the most important civilian, military, and government regions in the US it'd be hit extremely hard. Of all the settings in Fallout it'd probably have the single harshest over-world, comparable to the Glowing Sea minus the constant radiation cloud. Fallout 3's was quite empty overall, being sparse of buildings and consisting mainly of rocks/dead trees. Realistically, the southeast/midatlantic is much more populated by structures than Fallout 3 would lead you to believe. Endless highways, shopping centers, suburbs, harbors, and military bases spread out across a hot and humid Atlantic plain would pull back the original spirit of Fallout in a major way. And despite being so central, its harsh state would probably lead to it being relatively peaceful, people too busy trying to survive to loot and attack others. The struggles of settlers and civilians would be based on their environment and a need to rebuild.

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