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Love the game, jeezus I have an unhealthy addiction to it.

Still, some things in the story that just…made the story lack luster for me. Below are some of my considerations and would love to learn more if others have any ideas.

  • The Railroad – 100% support synths, but make the entire 'species' of Synths extinct when they blow up the Institute. Why would such stout supporters of 'synth lives = human lives' stop the creation of more? Why not just capture the institute building. It's pretty small…
  • The Railroad – If they're the most supportive of synths integrating to the rest of society, why did they blow up the Institute and all replacement parts/software diagnosis/repair programs? Seemed like me saying "I LOVE PUPPIES!" So not only did I blow up the breeding center, but also every vet school in the process. Why not just capture the institute building?
  • Brotherhood of Steel: #1 Priority – collection/preservation/study of technology. They blow up what is arguably the most technologically advanced location on the globe…instead of capture and studying it.
  • Brotherhood of Steel: "Synths are an Abomination, and need to be eradicated." They're technology, why do they demand the destruction of machines that can be put into servitude, instead of admitting where the progress of technology will lead them. For me, it was like seeing people take all the medical advancements from WWII, and saying "NO! IT"S EVIL! BACK TO DIPTHERIA! WE'LL RE-SOLVE THESE QUESTIONS THE NOBLE WAY! DECADES…and deacades…and decades of death and resources to get where we are at today."
  • Institute: What was their goal? Rebuild society via influence? Just not clear here since we never got to hear a flat out "This is what our goal is." Ex. Fallout 3 "Clean water for the commonwealth." Makes sense, The Institute, "Just f with people without directly telling them what to do/why we murder?"
  • Kidnappings, right from the start, this is a large story point…and never…expanded upon. Ok. Mayor is replaced…where is the 'kidnapping and processing' center of the institute? What happened to those kidnapped? Just snuffed out, or tortured, or hell…recruited/convinced that replacing them is a better idea, and they can just live below? I'd have settled for some Soylent green "We replace people to keep us fed."
  • "I'm cryogenically frozen, and am told 200 years have passed. Yet the possibility that my kid is already dead is never an option to discuss." Seriously, I was thinking in my first playthrough, "Dude, you have NOTHING that says Shaun is an infant, toddler, kid, adult, or even alive. Why do you keep assuming they're an infant?"
  • "He was seen with a kid." "IT"S MY SON!" Don't know about you, but no baby looks like the same human being in 10 years time. Would have really killed for the main player character to just obsess over someone not even related to them.
  • Far Harbor – Pretty awesome story. The tease that the player character may be a synth, great idea, went no where outside of that single exchange of 2 lines. :/
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Underdeveloped – Wish there was more:

  • Let me reclaim the common wealth! I want to clear the roads, rivers, lakes. Scrap every car, and clear the trash from roads and riverbanks. Fuck, I'd love just o be able to set up streetlights from Vault 111 to Spectacle island
  • Glowing Sea – Super Captivating, and I'm torn. I wish the camp of Atom out there had something to do, but I also understand that if players were to spend more time in the Glowing Sea it would become "normal" and not as other worldy as it is. Still, I'd have settled for a Megaton Act II there as well. (Or how about a throwing worshipers into the Radioative center and watching the boil from the inside out…something truly harrowing.)
  • Under Water – so many neat things, sadly, nothing quite takes place out there. Far harbor has a boat ride, but I'd love for some sort of race for recovery out at sea.
  • City Downs race track. Would have loved a minor story of setting up a bot to race/preventing sabotogue, etc. etc.
  • Mechanist – not bad, any reason we can just do as regretted, re-program some of the bots, send them to settlements to help out/defend? Anything to expand on the impact the players story has on the world.
  • USS Constitution – GOD DAMN IT! LET ME HELP THEM TO THE OCEAN! (Also, Captain Iron Sides, says he can't get below deck. But when they launch, guess where he goes? Below deck.)
  • Distress Radio Signals – LET ME TURN THEM OFF/REMOVE THEM FROM MY PIP BOY. There are 20+ radio channels that are greyed out, some I've found, others I've not. There's no way to know, without a physical check list, what has been found or not.
  • Settlement Stores – All of these fantastic stores, yet no random people stopping by to check it out. Just my own settlers feeding that booze addiction.
  • "You're the leader." "Awesome" "Now go do this.." "Wait what?" – understood it's a game. And Fo4 did move towards the 'settlement simulation', issue is. I really don't feel like any sort of military leader when some cracked out tosser keeps filling my pip boy with objectives as I try to turn in previous ones in. What I wish I could do, it's slower but would be neat, 'Hey settlers, go tear down that building.' 'Hey Settlers, go clear the road between Covenant and Taffington Boat house.' Just a general "Hey Settlers, SCRAP EVERYTHING, EVEN THINGS THAT ARE BOLTED/WELDED DOWN"
  • Subways. Glad it's not Fallout 3 – still, pretty sure Metro 2066 nailed the post nuclear world when they made it so underground was well developed. I don't know Boston, but would like to think in game, settlers and I would have great incentive to clear out subway tunnels between settlements.
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Fantastic game, mods make it run miles longer (Scrap Everything/ Place Everywhere, etc. etc) If they polished out the settlement building, i can see the appeal of Multiplayer in Fallout 76, but that's a shite show I know nothing about 1st hand.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk. Eager to read your gripes/ideas.

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