Possible realistic ending in Fallout 4

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After playing with all factions I came to realise that there should be a realistic ending in Fallout 4. Not canonical ending but realistic.

I never sided with the Institute untill now. I never spend enough time in the Institute in my previous playthroughs (never did a quest for them). And I decided to do an Institute playthrough and I realised how wrong I was before. The Institute has everything the Sole Survivor would need and it's the closest to his/her past life. Clean food, clean rooms, clean toilets, items in pristine condition. Now it looks like a great hospital, but it's the closest to pre war the Sole Survivor was used to.

Also one other thing is that every parent wants to see their child be succesfull and the Father is more successfull than you expect. He is the head scientist in the biggest scientific Instalment in known Fallout world. His knowledge is far beyond every scientists. He even shrvived frozen as a baby unprotected in cryo stasis.

And before someone says anything about morals etc think of this. How many times real life scientists and doctors went out of the way? When covid-19 started to spread in the world some doctors wanted to inject the virus to some people just to see how they react and if it will lead them to vaccines. Sure the Institutes morals and more questionable, but since we've seen that Synths are made even without killing the people you want to replace, Art vs Art encounter, Tektus in Far Harbor, I'm pretty sure there are more but I can't think anyone else right now. So you can replace someone without killing them. Also, In Robotis Lab in Institute you see how Synths are made, so they don't necessarily replace others.

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I'm not saying it's the best faction. Far from it. I'm saying that realistically the Sole Survivor, whether it's Nate or Nora, would join the Institute because it's clean and reminds them of the pre war era. Also their son is in charge so they have extra priviledges, even if they weren't the director.

TL;DR: The Sole Survivor would realistically join the Institute because it's the closest to pre war world and it's clean.

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