Preston Garvey is Underated and Overhated

Content of the article: "Preston Garvey is Underated and Overhated"

I understand people, especially people who aren't playing a minutemen run, being annoyed or disliking Preston. Hell, I don't care if people dislike him for this. I hate Piper simply because her voice and her attitude make me want too die.

However, Preston is a well written and likeable character if you ignore the fact that he was designated the fetch quest character. He's noble, kind, and just a big sweetheart overall. I love him hearing him talk too random npcs when we travel the commonwealth together.

His backstory is also super sad. The reason he makes Nate or Nora the general if they stay in sanctuary and help out is because (spoiler) he was incredibly suicidal after all of his friends and family died. Based on your actions, he will even say you gave him hope again. You, who lost an entire world, have the choice too help him and the entire commonwealth out.

Preston is one of the few people in game who didn't experience the pre-war world who tries too keep it alive out of the goodness of his heart. Also, the way he calls Nate or Nora babe if they romance him is really cute.

TLDR: its only my first playthrough and im sad im the only one who loves preston 🙁

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EDIT: hi I did not expect this too get like 2k upvotes and 300 comments, this is my second post on this reddit account and I wrote it in the middle of my AP Lang class (junior year grind). to address a few points:

– I do not find Piper enjoyable, It is a personal opinion. I see why others do, I just don't personally find her a companion I want too spend time with. You do not need too be overly aggressive because she is your #1 wife. I understand and love your vigor, but please don't be inappropriate towards me because I dislike her.

– It's ok if you don't like Preston. He can be annoying and everyone is entitled too their opinions. I just wanted too make a post saying why I enjoy him, the reasons why he's tied with Hancock as my favorite companion so far.

– Another settlement needs your help.

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