Preston the Grocer – a story of game glitches.

Content of the article: "Preston the Grocer – a story of game glitches."

The story of how Preston in my game has decided he's done with everything and has become a grocer instead. This is not a fictional story, this is what happened in my game. I hope you all find humor in this madness because I am DONE trying to fix it.

Today I joined the minutemen to retake the castle. It was a dark and stormy night as all of us got ready for this heavy task. Can we really rebuild the minutemen? Just us four (and Hancock) against the world.

As we decide to storm the castle, Preston tells us to get into position. It starts. My sole survivor Molly dons her power armor and gets ready for a difficult battle.

The air is tense with anticipation. We're all doing this for the people, for the Commonwealth. Preston nods to Molly as she retrieves her minigun.

We wait for Preston, but he doesn't come. Record scratch, the quest breaks. As if he lost his nerve Preston refuses to budge, going further in the quest causes it to never complete, restarting to a prior save doesn't change his behavior. Using different tactics doesn't work. Fast travel, sleeping, waiting, console commands, shooting him, punching him – none of it works.

Fuck it, I think. I don't need Preston for this. I've already sunk two hours into trying to fix this quest. I'm just going to go further and see if it fixes itself.

My sole survivor fights and wins a hard battle, the minutemen cheer. Then the next glitch begins. Even though I hadn't destroyed all the egg clutches, the mirelurk queen still spawns. We fight her, she she wrecks Molly even in her power armor. Screaming, bloodshed as this giant monster threatens to tear apart the castle, and kill everyone within.

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Was this truly a good choice? Should the castle have stayed abandoned?

Finally she is dead. We all release a breath we had held. Is Preston going to join us? We call out to him.

Nothing. Alright, I think. Some of these other manuals say to just power up the radio and leave, sleep and come back.

Y'all, now Preston has finally moved inside the castle but I think he's done. He will not talk to me about anything for the minutemen.

He's decided he is now a grocer and anytime I try to talk to him he will only peddle his wares to me. When selecting him in settlement builder it says he's assigned to a store but the store doesn't exist. I suppose this means he's decided to hang up his hat for good and take up a new calling. The mirelurks were just too much.

Honestly, I think it may be an improvement.

TLDR : my game glitched during retaking independence, I tried everything under the sun to try and fix it, but instead the quest became more broken and Preston has decided he gives up and is now a grocer.

Edit – spelled TLDR as TPDR

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