Problem with Fallout series, is that developers have forgotten what is about franchise.

I constantly come across opinion, that the Fallout is the only real game about nuclear post-apocalypse, and nothing else. And that's what those, who claim to be series' biggest fans say.

But this is completely wrong, and first of all, developers are to blame for this opinion, who also forgot what Fallout games were about.

I think, it happened because serious retro-futurism of F1, there was a sharp skew into an excessive pipeline of references to pop culture in F2, because of which American retro-futurism turned into a Post-apocalyptic Wonderland. Therefore, when question arose before developers of new part, they did not know what to do, to follow path of serious F1, or children's F2. And decided choose third way, to focus on post-apocalypse. F4, again, practically did not move anywhere, but then they decided, while preserving all parts, to add another post-apocalypsepunk, when residents live life in ruins and do not know anything else, and all development is based on, that they are between modern and destroyed world… F76 chose right direction, focusing on retro-futuristic style. But chronologically, this solves a lot of problems that simply cannot be in main timeline.

Because of all this, community was divided into those:

  1. American retrofuturism – is a minority.

  2. Real post-apocalypse – is majority.

  3. Crazy world of delirium and childish jokes – enough of them to be most toxic, kill 1, beat 2.

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Most interesting thing, is that if developers want to further develop franchise, then they will have to follow path of retrofuturism further, when humanity, using its technologies, begins to develop and recover to original level development. This will be correct for Fallout universe, but it is highly doubtful, that it will be approved by players, most of whom are used to fact, that Fallout is game about an eternally destroyed radioactive world that does not move anywhere.

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