Project Paradise is not difficult if you know the know-how

I'll save you the initial rants about how this event is avoided by most and just jump into a rundown of what needs to be done for the best rewards and how easy it is to get those rewards.

Things to remember:

  1. Project Paradise is an experiment at Arktos Pharma on the effects of Formula-P on animals in facing humans and non Formula-P affected animals.
  2. Out of three animals released into the habitats during the event technically you need to keep one alive for the event to be marked completed but if you're after the rare rewards you need to keep all three alive. This means you need to cooperate with others in all stages of the event.
  3. The event can be completed with either Formula-P (default mode) or changed into Formula-Q for one cool additional reward (Arktos Pharma backpack) and a tiny bit of extra challenge.

Now without further ado let's go over what needs to be done and how to do it.

Stage 0, pre-initialization:

You see the event pop up and you think "hey let's do something challenging today". Fast travel to the event where you'll spawn somewhere in the biome lab. The event markers will tell you to start the test. DON'T! Instead, while the generous timer for initialization runs down, go to each habitat and area around the lab and clean up the robots and other pesky little pests. Remember to also repair the very effective machine gun turrets in each habitat and learn the lay of the land. Cleaning is nice isn't it?! During this period if your team is also joining you (and they definitely should) take the lead, go on the mic, divide tasks, have one player in charge of food collection in each of the three habitats (A, B, and C), and a fourth player as the emergency helper to float between habitats or to help the least powered teammate. If you're looking for success in the event don't trust the distribution of non-teammates into different habitats. Stick to your agreed upon arrangement and you'll see how other players joining the event will follow your lead. When there's less than one minute left on the clock, go ahead and activate the experiment.

Stage 1, food collection and optional Formula-Q switch:

So you're situated in your habitats and ready to go. When the experiment starts you need to collect food in each habitat in order to get a stronger animal to defend. This is crucial as lower ranked animals are squishy and may die fast. But if you don't get yourself that super strong rank 3 animal don't just forsake it like a 19th century lovechild you don't wish to speak of. You can still keep your animal alive even if ranked 0 and get yourself that rare reward. Each habitat is a different type of ecosystem offering different kinds of food for different animals with different enemies featured. In habitat A you'll need to hunt the white radstags and collect "fragrant venison" from their bodies. In habitat B you'll need to collect "toxic sludge" from the sludge piles in different corners of the habitat marked by orange smoke. When you see the smoke, collect the sludge and kill the molerats that spawn from empty piles for more sludge looted from their bodies. In habitat C you'll need to collect "moist radkelp", a type of flora marked with orange smoke when ready to harvest. Try to be as fast as possible with this one since you can't loot it from animals and you want to keep it respawning by harvesting it as soon as it shows up.

During the harvesting stage make sure you keep an eye on enemies and keep the turret in each habitat running to help you collect at ease. In order to get yourself a rank 3 animal, you'll need to collect at least 60 of each food type (45 after the upcoming quality of life patch, update 32) and deposit them in the feeding trough in the center of the habitat. Basically anywhere between 0 to 19 food gives you a rank 0 animal, 19 to 39 gives you rank 1, 39 to 59 gives you rank 2, and 60 and up will give you rank 3. (After update 32 numbers will be 0 to 14 for rank 0, 15 to 29 for rank 1, 30 to 44 for rank 2, and 45 and up for rank 3.) If you reach your maximum fast, don't waste time. Go help the other habitats reach their limits. Also, if you see more than 3 people in your habitat, move to the next one. The best event is one where players and firepower are distributed into all habitats evenly.

During this stage you also have the option to get yourself a nice Arktos Pharma backpack! In order to do so you'll need to find Quercus (a mister handy robot with a distinctly comedic voice) and talk to him. Remember when I told you each team of 4 will have a free floater? THIS is that player's job! Look for the robot near the center of the lab by following its voice. When you talk to the robot he will task you with shutting down ARIC-4 (pronounced Erica) using a shutdown code you will obtain from the basement. What stands between you and the basement is a code-locked door with the code 970930 (release date of the original Fallout). Go into the basement, kill the ghouls, obtain the code from the marked terminal, then get back up and shut down ARIC-4 (the computer with the wavy monitor in the center of the lab). Make sure you do this before the final call to fill the feeding troughs. This task can be done with one player. All other players need continue their normal jobs. Once done with this stage continue with gathering food until the next stage starts.

Stage 2, meeting your animals and defending them:

After the final call for feeding materials runs out, three friendly animals will be released into the habitats. The animals will be ranked based on how much food you have deposited into their habitats with rank 3 being the best possible. At this point you need to put everything you're doing aside and focus on an animal to defend. As a rule of thumb have each member of your team defend one animal and have the fourth member help with the lowest ranked animal. Please note that the animals don't always spawn in their own habitat and you might need to find them. Also note that the animals will be moving around a lot, meaning that you too need to move along with them. At this stage if the experiment is run on Formula-P your animals will be scared and will run away from enemies making it a bit easier to defend them. With Formula-Q however, your animals will run towards the enemies meaning you need to work harder to defend them. Either way you'll have to defend your animals against two waves of enemies the second of which is tougher. Your enemies will include animals as well as robots but a well coordinated team should have no trouble doing a good job here. My experience is that you can defend your animals with only one person assigned to them but two players would make the animal invincible. Once you're done with these two stages you'll see a countdown to fight an alpha predator.

Stage 3, fight the alpha:

When the countdown at the end of stage 2 finishes, stick around in your habitat for a few seconds. This is so you can kill any last animals attacking your animal and to find the alpha's spawning point as it may show up in any habitat randomly. You will only fight one alpha at this stage and it will always be a three star legendary. It can be a grafton monster, a fog crawler, or a sheepsquatch. All three will be a bit challenging to kill so as soon as you see them emote others to join you for a quick kill. I know many players want to be the good guy and let everyone tag the legendary but trust me, this event is not about the legendary drop and you can always loot after it's finished. So don't waste time don't become distracted, and definitely don't go soft on the enemies. Once the alpha is dead the event will be marked completed and based on how many animals you have kept alive you'll receive some sweet rewards. If you play the event with Formula-Q you'll also unlock the Arktos Pharma backpack. You won't get a notification for this however. Just go to your armor workbench after and you'll see the skin added to your list.

Easy, isn't it?! Well get out there and get yourself some Project Paradise done. Happy hunting!

P.S. please add any additional tips and experiences in the comments.


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