PSA if you’re going to complain about everything Bethesda does, maybe find a different game.

Content of the article: "PSA if you’re going to complain about everything Bethesda does, maybe find a different game."

Everytime I come on reddit, I see complaints, and its literally about everything there is in every new patch. I know I'm going to be downvoted to hell and back, but I dont actually care.

"Atom shop and fallout 1st must be freee"

"Theres nothing to do, I've finished the story amd found everything"

-Wastelander comes out and brings the gold grind-

"No, this grind is way to long"

-eventually gets everything for gold-

"Theres nothing to do anymore, I've finished the daily grind"

-patch 22 comes out and brings the perk coin grind-

"This is going to be way too long, make it cost half"

Then theres the other argument.

"This games too easy, the enemies arent even a challenge"

"Theses bloodied stealth guys keep one hitting everything and I never get legendary drops"

-one wasteland comes out and brings player nerf and enemy buff-

"OMG unplayable after the nerd, now I have to take an extra 2 seconds and spend a few more bullets to kill this scrochbeast"

"How could they do this, I cant one shot everything anymore now it takes 2 shots. I'm spending soooooooo much more ammo now"

Yes some complaints are valid.

Fallout 1st is way overpriced.

Atom shop bundles are overpriced.

Being forced to buy bundles to get the one thing you want that isnt sold separate.

Currency caps (caps, gold, scrip)


Yes, fixing one bug just to introduce a new one is ridiculous. The Atom shop is mostly cosmetic, and the only things that are functional arent that great to be honest. Yes scrap and repair kits are nice, but you get them from SBQ fights (and ACP iirc) so they arent really 'Atom shop items'

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The damage nerf really was NOT that bad. Yes, some builds got hit pretty hard, but they are still OP and kill enemies very fast. I was dealing 246 damage pre-patch and I'm now dealing 283. It wasnt a nerf, it was a rework. Yes, I understand most weapons/effects were nerfed, but some were buffed (I only know of anti armor as that's what I'm using on my shotgun)

At the end of the day, Bethesda is a BUSINESS not a free start up indie game. They need to make money. With 76 being an online game, the cant really charge for DLC because those who cant afford to buy a new DLC every few months would be locked out of the game due to the new stuff. So the Atom shop and 1st are what is funding the game and DLCs that we keep getting. Not to mention new games that may come out in the future.

Final note, can we at least be happy about the fact there arent any loot boxes a la EA

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