PSA List of daily ops rewards coming tomorrow for those interrested

Content of the article: "PSA List of daily ops rewards coming tomorrow for those interrested"

Firstly i have nothing to do with getting this information. I'm just copy/pasting this as i thought there would be lots of people interrested in these and i haven't see a post made yet (could be wrong).

Credits for these findings go to the awesome Fallout 76 Datamining group on discord (big thank you for all involved)

If you are under Level 50, you will not get any of the new stuff, you will only get plans for base game weapons, armor (both normal and power armor), and the plans you would receive from workshop claiming/defending.

If you are Level 50 or above, the odds of receiving an item are first determined by the rank you finish the daily ops:

  • Initiate: 5% chance to get one of the new plans.
  • Paladin: 10% chance.
  • Elder: 80% chance.

Then, the rewards are split into "uncommon" and "rare," where you are more likely to gain an uncommon reward:

60% Chance to get one of the following "uncommon" plans:

  • Plan: Caged Bulb Lights
  • Plan: Burrows Signs
  • Plan: Valley Galleria Signs
  • Plan: Vault 94 Jumpsuit
  • Plan: Vault 94 Stash Box

40% Chance to get one of the following "rare" plans:

Edit: More information on daily ops: Fallout 76: Inside the vault – Daily ops preview

Edit2: Thanks to u/BOSS_Zombie for providing us with the actual numbers (from dataminers), which i didn't have on this post originally.

Edit3: A link to a youtube video showing some of these items

. Video contains other objects as well, for example new items from treasure hunter event, s.c.o.r.e. rewards from upcoming season 2 and propably some atomshop items.

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