PSA: What to do if the Vault 111 door won’t open when you start the game.

Content of the article: "PSA: What to do if the Vault 111 door won’t open when you start the game."

I've run into this frustrating issue in the past, and I want to put something on reddit to help anyone who might have this issue in the future or for myself if I completely forget that I've found a solution the next time I load up the game. It can be a real pain to deal with and there isn't a ton of help online for this specific issue.

Let me say that I'm playing on console, Xbox One X specifically.

So if your problem is that you exit your cryopod, fight your way through the radroaches in Vault 111, grab the Pip-Boy, slam that open door button, and…. nothing happens but the sound of the vault door opening, here's what you need to do in order to fix it.

Load a save from before you grabbed the Pip-Boy, probably the autosave when you exited the cryopod, and get back to the point where you can interact with the skeleton by the exit door. Do it, put on your Pip-Boy, let it load so that you can see your inventory/quests/etc., exit the Pip-Boy, and put down your IRL controller.

The issue stems from having too many mods and creation club add-ons. Not too many for the game to run, but, mechanically, all those things trigger using something called scripts. Those scrips fire when certain conditions are met in the game. For a lot of mods and CC add-ons, that condition is you getting your Pip-Boy. The game is almost overloaded with scripts firing off at that point. You know how when you leave the vault, you get inundated with all the Creation Club quests starting? That's because the game just finished processing the beginning of all those. So when it's thinking about 63 other things and you tell it 'open vault door', it only gets that last command half-right and you're stuck behind a big closed cog.

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So put your controller down for five minutes. Let the game sit-and-think. Now, I'm running this on a One X, which has more processing ability than a normal Xbox. You might need more than five minutes. I don't know. It depends on your mod list and how much CC stuff you've bought.

In any case, put your controller down, go make a sandwich, let your dog outside, go take a leak. Give your console some time to catch up. Come back, and then the door should open like it's supposed to.

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