Public teams will end up all being Hunting or Events due to the sheer one sidedness of EXP bonuses, some changes i feel that need to be made before live.

this is pasted over from bethesda forums since i wanted to try get the point across.

EDIT: added a TL:DR to bottom

basically the buffs for roleplay, building, exploring and casual are all awful and will encourage people to pick specifically the ones that come with the most benefits despite play-style (i mean event exp or legendary kill exp is clearly the winner here.)

i figured i'd bring this up since its on the ITV so no longer restricted to just PTS discussion.

some changes i recommend based on each catagory that should help encourage picking for the kind of crowd its aimed at;

  1. Exploration: END, PER and AGI buffs and +5 carry weight (+20 for a max bond) since sneaking and being perceptive are also a large part of explorations and will help with both vats combat (agility and perception), running around+less disease chance (endurance) and sneaking around trying not to get spotted while exploring (agility.) and will compete with just going for straight up experience buff due to the stat usefulness, carry weight is due to the idea that you would share each others "haul" weight since your all exploring together.
  2. Role play: CHA and LCK buffs, 10% disease resistance (40% at max bond) and reduced hunger and thirst rate by 5% (20% max bond.) reason i bring LCK, hunger and disease into this one is luck would slightly impact all stats without going overboard or buffing STR while the hunger and disease buffs would be to counter act the overkill and semi unrealistic rate players catch diseases or consume food, 20% at max bond was because if i use the all night perk with 20% i can go till dawn and only reach half way on hunger which felt the most realistic since a full belly SHOULD last till morning so using this logic if it applied during the day as well you would get from 8am to 4pm till hunger starts impacting you. which means more focus on role play!
  3. Building: INT, END, 25% reduced build costs (NOT increase with bonds) and 5% faster move speed in a camp or workshop only (20% with full bond), most of these are pretty self explanatory but the move buff is so you can move around a work shop and build faster, i was going to include hunger and thirst reductions but most builders have happy camper as a perk anyways so would have taken away role play's unique trait.
  4. Casual: CHA, END, reduced armor and weapon durability damage by 5% (20% full bond) and food&water fulfill 25% more (NOT increased with bonds), the reason i felt these would be more fitting for casual is less micromanagement requirements without buffing combat effectiveness, since if this one reduced damage intake and/or increased damage delt this one would be the "dominant" option due to its effectiveness.
  5. Events: exp bonus, healing over time buff (1hp per second, 4hps at max bond) and 75% cheaper fast travel to events ONLY (NOT increased with bonds), being an exp booster along side legendary i felt both needed something more related to their objective to encourage picking the right one for the right job and reducing event fast travel would encourage using this one for events since it allows fast travel to them from across the map for less caps.
  6. Hunting: exp from ALL kills increased but max bond is 75%, thats it. reason is this will encourage people who are set on farming enemies to focus on just killing everything in their path rather than rewarding them ONLY for legendary enemies so is still the strongest exp buff for grinding levels but allows events to have an edge over hunting's exp but only from the events themselves where as hunting's exp bonus is KILLS only.
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these might not be the most "desirable" bonuses for each one but it makes each option feel unique and giving them more flavor related to the tasks they are aimed at without making them feel like forced options as currently you would be crazy to NOT make a legendary hunting or event party due to the crazy high exp returns especially when legendary perks comes along.

TL:DR = add some utility buffs to other party options to make them worth using in the play style they are promoting

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