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Hi, Fallout Fans and Devs. I am a university student majoring in Film (Director, Writer, Producer) and minoring in Animation (pre-production) who recently created a Fallout Spinoff concept for a dramatic action story that I feel is best to be developed into a 2D RPG game rather than other formats. However, I was never interested in computer coding because I am more of a literature creative person, and I honestly don't know where should I start with developing this 2D RPG game into a playable demo (I've heard mixed things about RPG Maker MZ, currently exploring Unity without coding experience).

This is my basic question, but I will provide a lot more further context below for anyone interested.



What this game is about:

The game is an unofficial spin-off story to the Fallout franchise (similar to FO New California). I believe the potential created in the Fallout series is massive that rivals famous RPGs like World of Warcraft and Warhammer. However, since Bethesda Studio now has a gameplay-first, profit-first approach to Fallout Franchise, the narrative potential for the franchise incredibly underdeveloped.

My concept tells the story of a ranger type character in 2203 American Wasteland. Whom upon being hired by Encalve at Navarro goes onto an adventure to deliver a secretive package from California to Raven Rocks at Washington DC. It is basically a road-trip adventure type story that is similar to how adventure stories are structured. So from a fundamental point, my vision for the story can be easily translated to the 2D Japanese RPG framework.

How will it looks like:

I grew up reading Manga, so the visual style will be very close to the Japanese anime/JRPG style. Even though the Fallout franchise is traditionally Western, I believe Anime style would only benefit the overall presentation.

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It is mainly a stylistic choice, plus there are a lot of similarities to Fallout 1 & 2 and JRPG games. Fundamentally, they both have stats based strategy system, text-based dialogue system, and most gameplays are 2D. I have zero experience in coding so develop a ground-up 2D RPG game will be impossible, while JRPG already has a very mature and developed gameplay framework. It is relatively easier to develop.

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