Randall Clark’s Story Broke Me

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Ever since I started playing New Vegas, one of the DLC's really stood out to me from all the rest. That being Honest Hearts. Why? At the time, I couldn't really tell you.

The way Zion valley is and the tribes. A random job you decide to take after listening to the radio broadcast, met with the familiar and lovable voice acting of Dave Finnoy (Other wise known as Lee from the walking dead). And lets not forget that opening. Holy shit, when the white legs attacked and all of our caravan hands died off one by one, you felt lost, in unknown territory and our only option is to push onward and hope we can find a way back. Considering it was probably the first DLC I ever played, maybe that's why it stuck with me so much

Not to mention the fact that the DLC even ties back to the main story with Joshua Graham and that deep sexy voice of his and how interesting of a character he is. At the time I didn't really know much about what was going on, but I did find myself enthralled by the entire DLC, and kept my attention the entire way through. While being on the shorter side of the DLC's I still thought it was really good. I think I went with Daniel's ending when I had first played the DLC, and found out something quite interesting.

The Courier doesn't believe in God. Whether or not you the player does. Which is fascinating.

But that's not why I'm writing this.

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What made this DLC go from "Pretty cool, and interesting" to phenomenal was the story of Randall Clark.

Who's Randall Clark?

For those who either never bothered or never knew him or his story. A long story short is Randall Clark is known as the survivalist or better known to the Sorrows as "The Father in the Caves." He then spent approximately 47 YEARS surviving Zion valley after the bombs fell in 2077.

Like a lot of people, I overlooked the story, and missed a lot of context, nuance, and impact the story had.

But after a while and finally coming back to New Vegas, and going through Zion Valley again, this time, I went through the process of finding each and every one of the terminals and reading them. I'm much older, and much wiser then I was a few years ago.

As I read each terminal entry aloud, to myself. The entire time, I felt a tightness in my chest, especially in the later terminal entries. Each one was harder and harder to read through not because it was bad, but because I knew where he ended up and I found myself struggling to keep it together.

Then came the final note.

I got to the third paragraph before the tears started streaming down my cheeks, but I kept reading. And even now, looking at the transcript in my tabs, I still feel the tightness in my chest, and that line "I tell them that I'm giving them Zion as a gift to make up for all the sorrows of their lives so far and all the sorrows man has visited on man." never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

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Whatever your thoughts were on the DLC, the best thing about this DLC was that story. I'm a tough nut to crack, but even I know and will admit, I cried during this story because of how well it's written. To this day, it has been an inspiration in a lot of my writing. The only time I ever cried that hard was playing FFXV. Which just speaks volumes to how incredible this DLC and New Vegas is as a whole.

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