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I wanted to start a discussion about Random Encounter Vendors as a resource and have people add any others that they know of. The three that I am aware of are:

Grahm & Chally the Moo-Moo

Grahm is the wandering super mutant and is a quest giver during Meat Week. There are at least 6 plans (Mirror Ball. Metal Picnic Table, Park Bench, Radiation Emitter, Starburst Clock, Stone Benches) and one recipe (Chally's Feed – only during Meat Week) for which Grahm is the only source. Someone put together this map tracking Grahms know route(s).

Vendor Bot Responder

The Vendor bot Responder is a unique protectron vendor who travels with two eyebots and a pack brahmin. He is sporadically found near the Charleston train station (in the trees near the red barn near the pond east of the station, up the railroad tracks just past the petrified corpse, randomly on railroad tracks around the Forest). People have had luck getting him to spawn near the pond by crossing the red bridge just south of the station and then crossing back – this creates a random spawn at this location such as the Vendor Bot, pack of super mutants, pied piper eyebot, Mr. Handy with dogs, Responder eyebot, Mothman, etc. This Vendor Bot is one of the only sources for a number of rare outfits (Clean spacesuit, Fisherman's overalls, Grey Fisherman's overalls, Hunter's long coat, Longshoreman outfit, Ranger hat clean, Skiing red and green outfit, Straight jacket clean, Winter jacket and jeans) and at least two rare plans (Cuckoo clock, Nuka-Cola clock). The vendor will usually only sell two potential outfits at a time, and its inventory is unique based on the individual player character encountering it.

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Scavenger Trader

The Scavenger Traders can have a fairly random assortment, from general items to rare. They are often encountered at the random encounter points (like the campfire NW of Anchor farm, campfire west of Slocum Joe's, campfire near bend in the road south of WV Lumber).

Are there other random encounter Vendors that you are aware of, and where have you found them?

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